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The song gonna get into <Speech_Male> another opponent's face, <Speech_Male> you know? Guys <Speech_Male> like Dennis Schroeder, <Speech_Male> guys like Jason Richardson. <Speech_Male> These guys will get into people's <Speech_Male> faces. Maybe <Speech_Male> that is that <Speech_Male> sort of <Speech_Male> energy <Speech_Male> will be contagious because <Speech_Male> that's exactly what this team <Speech_Male> needs. I would <SpeakerChange> love to see <Speech_Male> that from Jay Leno. Or <Speech_Male> <Speech_Male> they need to punch them <Speech_Male> out first, <Speech_Male> not be so <Speech_Male> <Speech_Male> and then, you know, <Speech_Male> start these games off, <Speech_Male> listen, <Speech_Male> you gotta <Speech_Male> you were embarrassed last <Speech_Male> year when 36 and <Speech_Male> 36, <Speech_Male> you got <Speech_Male> dumped out the playoffs <Speech_Male> in 5 games. <Speech_Male> Start this schedule. <Speech_Male> That first game <Speech_Male> in New York <Speech_Male> punched the Knicks in <Speech_Male> the mouth. <Speech_Male> Let's start out <Speech_Male> two and four, <Speech_Male> put <Speech_Male> make a statement <Speech_Male> to begin this season. <Speech_Male> Be mad. <Speech_Male> That's the worst <Speech_Male> thing I liked when <Speech_Male> it was like Jay Crowder <Speech_Male> and Marcus Morris. <Speech_Male> <Speech_Male> They came <Speech_Male> into the arena like <Speech_Male> the max <Speech_Male> Celtics did. <Speech_Male> Like, where <Speech_Male> Boston <Speech_Male> and <Speech_Male> we brothers in green <Speech_Male> and we hit a kick <Speech_Male> your ass. Like <Speech_Male> be affiliate in that <Speech_Male> playoff series. <Speech_Male> <Speech_Male> <Speech_Male> Those teams did. <Speech_Male> We in here <Speech_Male> in LA <Speech_Male> and Staples <Speech_Male> Center, we <Speech_Male> here <Speech_Male> in Portland. We here <Speech_Male> in Utah. We <Speech_Male> had to kick your ass. <Speech_Male> We're Celtics. <Speech_Male> And we got fans <Speech_Male> here because <Speech_Male> travel <Speech_Male> well. You <Speech_Male> got that mystique. <Speech_Male> You had that aura <Speech_Male> that confidence. <Speech_Male> That's swag. <Speech_Male> They're selling animal <Speech_Male> swag in those couple <Speech_Male> years. Marcus <Speech_Music_Male> Hess wag, <Speech_Male> kimba, <Speech_Male> <Speech_Male> <SpeakerChange> Gordon was <Speech_Male> always hurt like they <Speech_Male> didn't have swag. <Speech_Male> They didn't <Speech_Male> have, you know, <Speech_Male> like they just didn't <Speech_Male> have it. <Speech_Male> And they've <Speech_Male> got to get it. Like, <Speech_Male> Jalen's got swag, <Speech_Male> Jason's got <Speech_Male> to have that <Silence> like <SpeakerChange> <Speech_Male> <Speech_Male> focus on the <Speech_Male> <SpeakerChange> officials <Speech_Male> toward <Speech_Male> getting in his <Speech_Male> opponent's ass. <Speech_Male> <Speech_Male> Trying to be not <Speech_Male> trying to be like, <Speech_Male> you know, who <Speech_Male> would direct a <Speech_Male> compete with that or <Speech_Male> hang out with them <Speech_Male> off the floor <SpeakerChange> over <Speech_Male> the summer routine <Speech_Male> USA, <Speech_Male> but try to <Silence> take their <SpeakerChange> heart out <Speech_Male> on the floor. <Speech_Male> I mean, you're <Speech_Male> right because <Speech_Male> you think about <Speech_Male> the great players in this <Speech_Male> league. All <Silence> of them have had <Speech_Male> that in them. <Speech_Male> Even as they <Speech_Male> say the greatest, <Speech_Male> when Michael Jordan, <Speech_Male> how many times <Speech_Male> we've seen Michael Jordan <Speech_Male> step up to <Speech_Male> somebody on the other <Speech_Male> team said, I'll kick <Speech_Male> your ass right <Speech_Male> now. Or <Speech_Male> with Reggie Miller, <Speech_Male> Reggie Miller, <Speech_Male> small as <Speech_Male> he was, wasn't <Silence> afraid to get up and <Speech_Male> somebody's face. <Speech_Male> That is <Speech_Male> what I want <Speech_Male> those two guys <Speech_Male> to and I'm <Silence> telling you, if <Speech_Male> I saw <Speech_Male> <SpeakerChange> <Speech_Male> Jalen do that <Speech_Male> one time, <Speech_Male> I think I think <Speech_Male> I'd fall out of <Speech_Male> my seat because <Speech_Male> I just don't. <Speech_Male> I mean, <Speech_Male> I don't see <Speech_Male> that. I mean, <Speech_Male> I just don't <Speech_Male> see that. I think <Speech_Male> he's one of my favorite <Speech_Male> players. But <Speech_Male> to get to that next <Speech_Male> level, he's going to have to he's going to have to kick some ass and take some names. I agree.

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