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What you just said is so true and one of the things for me in writing a book where you pull things out of the bible that only deal with evil. I was actually getting this opportunity. Which i know sounds strange. So look at okay. Who is satan. What is what is jesus. Tell us about satan. What are the scriptures. Tell us about evil. And let's look at all the stories and put that altogether what it actually did for me. And i'm not gonna lie to you. I was afraid to write the book. I know i mentioned. I said no the first time. And then i sat on the contract for two months after i was reading and then after i felt this incredible piece because it actually points you back toward good understanding evil points as back to our need for grace and for me. I felt like there was such a big piece missing in the understanding of what all of this actually means and it feels weird. And i'm a journalist so by nature. I like to question things. I want to be proven. I want somebody to give me details. And facts and to prove to me that their experience is real and so having that chance to sort of vet these stories and go into them and then to present them to say listen. You don't have to believe these things. I'd encourage atheist to pick up the book and read it because it helps you understand from a christian perspective. What we believe as christians. It's really refining and really helpful to get that full picture. That i think sometimes our churches and we're part of this too as christians. We sort of fell one another in not talking about it because it feels weird or we don't want to be looked at strangely. I mean hollywood's got no problem talking about it and of course they think it's fake. They think it's not true many of them but they're presenting and yet we have these incredible opportunities to really help people because if you are dealing with evil in some form and by the way most of us do at some point in our life we're dealing with this you know this pressure that evil can inflict even on christians lives and we don't know how to properly deal with that. That's how you really run into problems. Not only individually but corporately and.

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