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Questions in criminal law questions consumer and small claims issues property line disputes an overhanging trees both of us are available for the next hour or so free of charge four oh seven four two three five five six one thank you rob we appreciate it you're welcome talk about lawyers taking time out of their Saturday morning as well to give you free legal advice they are the old law group in Orlando right now stand by to talk to you at four oh seven four two three five five six one there's a twenty rob Solomon does criminal defense D. wise landlord tenant boundary line dispute and Paul your keys a bankruptcy attorney they're both stand by to talk to the old law group right now in Orlando at four oh seven four two three five five six one and don't forget you can always email us legal questions through our website and that is law who dot com my guest today is attorney Robert hi doc and Robert welcome to the show thanks sams pleasure to be here Robert can be focusing all in some Medicaid in nursing home issues because a lot of people out the there are confused about nursing homes and how they get paid for how to protect their assets in their life long savings from nursing homes in there are things that can be done to protect your life savings from nursing homes in we're gonna focus on some of those things today and by the way there's this confusion and yet there's an E. SS manual out there that tells us the answer to a lot of these questions about how to plan for nursing homes and how to plan for Medicaid there is there is a policy manual it's very thick it's very amber some we have pinpointed down to know what's important and what's not important for the immediate appliance a Medicaid the the the SS policy manual is what determines the Medicaid approval process which is wrestling in the hands of the CF our law firm can help people apply for Medicaid nursing homes going up help people apply for Medicaid.

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