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The exit for root for Pennsylvania Avenue crash activity. Last report still in the center lane, stay to the left to right and we are seeing delays back. Well beyond rude four on the inner loop of the capital Bell Wayne Montgomery County Silver Spring Area in University Boulevard between Dennis Avenue When Carrington Avenue, We're dealing with a structure fire. Both directions are currently blocked for plenty responsible, so on the scene may want to avoid this area if possible. Otherwise a good ride on the bell way through Montgomery County. 95. The B W Parkway, Traveling incident frame, no problem story Important on to 70 route 50 a better ride on the eastbound side, folks backed up a little big done exit 32 folks trying to get the lights on the B. It's Sandy Point State Park by traffic moving much better at the Chesapeake Bay Bridge. We have two lanes heading eastbound. And three coming west them in the Kettering area. Bit of a delay also festival of Lights going on it Watkins Regional part So 1 93 Watkins Park Drive a bit slow between 2 14 in 202 will be ending around 9 30. So expect heavier delays also between 2, 14 and 202 in the German town area. Seneca Creek State Park with the lighting festival is well 1 17 in both directions near the park. Expect extensive delays over in Virginia still dealing with crash activity Weed A vehicle fire in Stafford County, South bound 95 approaching the exit for 6 30. That's 1 40 Fire's been put out. The incidents almost clear, but there's still blocking the right lane. But no delays. Steve Dress new W T o P Traffic and now the storm Team four meteorologist Matt Ritter. Cloudy skies for late evening and overnight tonight with some patchy showers and even some drizzle brisk and chili. Those will be in the mid to upper thirties..

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