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Motech money continues as Frank Motech excitement already building for next year's fiftieth anniversary of the first moon landing excitement, especially happening. Among southern California, aerospace, people in filmmakers, and with me now, Stephen Barbara, the president of Annella fire productions whose latest documentary focuses on military journalists, but you're also space fan right to Stephen and your awed by what was happening back in the Apollo days. Tell us about that. Yeah. Just really fortunate. I you know, I reached out to NASA and the Kennedy Space Center with a great idea. I had seen the Schweickart statue in the capitol years ago built by a gentleman named George London. Gorgeous bronze and gold statue. So I said, you know, wouldn't it be great to have the entire crew Aldrin Collins and Armstrong to be debuted at the Kennedy Space Center. Well, guess what? Frank. They like the idea. I was blown away. They said get it done. So I'm out right now fundraising Florida, it's it's a really small number. It's a naming rights black that people will get on seven foot statues of the Apollo eleven crew for the great. Technological achievement in the history of mankind. That of course, the moon landing July twentieth. Twenty nineteen and seven hundred fifty thousand dollars would sounds like a lot of money. But if you look at it, it's a two hundred year sponsorship, right? So it comes out to about seven thousand a year for the next two hundred years. So it's it's not a lot of money. That's great on even getting the word out you're on with Maria Bartsch Romo, recently, right and some other. Yeah. I was very fortunate Maria gave me a you know, three or four minutes on her show. And I'm not pitching, you know, a lot of companies, and I've gone after Tim cook at apple after fortune five hundred, but it makes sense for anybody that wants to put their brand in front of two million people a month or two million people a month coming through the Kennedy Space Center, by the way, the Kennedy Space Center is spending fifty seven million dollars. That's fifty seven million for this incredible fiftieth anniversary, so any company that put their name on this plaque is going to see an incredible art why not only financially, but you know, spiritually and we see NASA legends gathered this. This past week at the Kennedy Space Center, including the flight directors Chris craft and gene Kranz who graced these studios, by the way in the past. And so this is going to be a big deal as we lead up to the anniversary on July. Twentieth of next year. It's going to be a huge deal. Anybody who whoever whatever CEO decides to take this naming rights flag? It's a ten by ten plaque in front of the Apollo eleven crew will be there to unveil the statues. There'll be five hundred astronauts there that all went into space there'll be four moon walkers, including Buzz Aldrin, Charlie Duke, Michael Collins, of course, the the command module pilot, and there's one or two left that are alive that walked on the moon. Tell us about some of your work honoring journalist right honoring tells about that. You're very kind Frank, I just coincidentally, I'm having a huge premier at the Newseum for seven hundred plus people, including portray a steep fraud to narrated, my movie General Wesley Clark, and Senator Graham is actually going to lead off the film. It's called the world's most dangerous paper out. I just got back from Afghanistan. Really fortunate. I went over there followed our special forces and the men and women of stars and stripes that go down range behind enemy lines to get our papers to the troops. It was one of the most remarkable patriotic amazing adventures I've ever had I don't recommend going to Afghantistan. But if you're gonna do it do it the way I did it. I got the right around in some Chinooks and some Blackhawks I got to go off to camp lightning to afford operating base out there and watch our young men and women do what they need to do. All right, Barbara. Thank you very much of joining us here this weekend coming up corporate mergers. Pick up in a big way that Amores straight ahead on Motech on money. This is southern California's only twenty four hour, local news and traffic station can extend seventy NewsRadio. I'm John Stevens. We do have more Motech on money coming right up. But first, let's take a look at the stories. We're following at eight thirty a single engine plane has crashed in Laverne there were two people on board at sadly, what person was killed which not clear at this point. If it was the passenger, okay was the pilot who was killed. But we understand that they were doing approaches. This crash happened just about five forty five this evening to Silla clear. Exactly. What led to the crash at this point? Of course, that's going to be the big question. But what I said, dad and other person transported to a local hospital and doubt condition this evening and LeBron cake. Hell nine says men CHA in sky nine the FAA and the NTSB are investigating tomorrow night. It'll Mark the for one year anniversary since the deadliest mass shooting in modern history in the this country happened at an outdoor music festival on the Las Vegas strip. Fifty eight were killed and hundreds more injured on this day before the anniversary many. Returning to Las Vegas for the first time. I've.

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