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Degrees. It'll be partly cloudy and muggy tonight. Partly cloudy, hot and humid tomorrow with scattered thunderstorms. Afternoon. I'm staying Lear. Here's what's trending it for, Oh to an investigation, underway after a black man was attacked by whites in Monroe County, Shallow Kabbalah and reports were both you and that was the sound of a man pleading for box Booker's freedom Saturday that day, Booker and some friends were at Lake Monroe when a group of white men claimed they were trespassing. Book or tried to smooth things over, But instead, the men pinned him to a tree while yelling, get a noose and white power videos of the fight went viral on Facebook. No one's been arrested, but the Department of Natural Resource is is investigating. Shiloh Kabbalah. 93. W I. B C Mobile news Nursing homes are still a Corona virus target. 54 of the 74 people who died in the last week in Indiana, where residents of long term care facilities The number of abortions performed at Indiana, in 2019 was down 5% from the year before. The report from the state Health Department shows more than half were white, less than 1/3 black, about 9%. Lotina's almost 92% were Indiana residents the rest from other states, mostly Kentucky. The election isn't until November, but three new members of the General Assembly have already clinched victory. Eric Berman reports three nominees to replace retiring Democrats are now officially unopposed. Army veteran Rene Pack is the new state representative on India's West Side. Former Miss Indiana and County councillor Shovel. Yoder will be the new state senator from Bloomington and Marine Bauer will replace her father Pat in a South End House seat. Eric Berman, 93 WNBC Mobile news. You are one minute away from traffic and whether it's for awful.

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