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Blow of this economic crisis? I think that in the immediate term the federal government has to step up. There needs to be more stimulus. We absolutely need that cushion in this country. And then I think that Our leaders need to follow where the people are right now. Which is that. The people are demanding. A more robust social safety net people fully understand at this point why are employer provided health care system is not working. Why people need paid sick leave? Why even we need page healthcare? I think it's very obvious to people. And I think over the next several years that we MESA leader stepping up and beginning to make some really fundamental changes in policy in this country. What have we learned from the past regarding the impact of recessions and rising unemployment numbers on elections? Like how can we expect this to manifest itself at the polls this November? I think one of the interesting things is just the way that this is kind of changing the way people are talking about elections and the way the candidates are talking about themselves like it was earlier last year that Bernie Sanders framed his Democratic Socialism in terms of what. Fdr Did earlier this week. You see Joe Biden in New York magazine. I believe it. Is You framing his presidential candidacy in terms of FDR FDR size presidency? So I think that's one of the ways previous recessions especially like even depressions is packing a just the kind of ways. The politicians themselves are thinking about political economy in what they think. It'll take to move voters also like what they think. It actually take to get us up out of this crisis. It's interesting that Biden. Says he hopes to have an FDR kind of administration. You know Roosevelt was pushed in many ways to implement much of the new deal by by working people who strock hikes throughout the country in nineteen thirty four and much of what. Roosevelt implemented had actually been test driven in the states at a local level before it was ever implemented at the federal level. And so I think that It's important to remember in the election. They that yes. Of course The power at the top makes a lot of difference. But there's also lots happening at the local level at the state level and among working people and we have to take a broad look during the election season professor lean. Wyndham is the associate director of the mandates initiative for Labor and the working poor at Georgetown University and Aaron. Ross Coleman is an IT wells fellow at the tight media institute covering race and Economics. Thank you both so much. Thank you.

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