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Have put themselves in the position where they can convince themselves to take a guard at 21 over crystal lava and I'm going to lose my freaking mind, right? Because they can take a guard on day two. They can put James farron's in a guard for all eye care. They will be better off. I know everybody wants to sit here and say that, oh, protection matters, all these things matter. The Patriots will figure it out in terms of protecting Mac Jones. I truly believe that. And we'll get to this next shoe to drop here in a second. There is a next shoe to drop. They're freeing up cats. Yeah. Do something, okay? And Andrew calendar, the Herald who broke the news that the Patriots were trading Shaq mason, tweeted out a little bit after he broke that news that the Patriots have also kicked around the idea of trading for cowboys right tackle layout Collins. Who is one of the best right tackles in football and is an absolute stud. He's a really good football player. The cowboys have cap issues as well. They're trying to get out of his contract. So there is, I think the best case scenario here for the offensive line now, I think the other issue that could potentially drop is as I tweeted out earlier, the Patriots are still very active in the wide receiver market. Basically the entire wide receiver market is waiting for Alan Robinson to make a decision. And it is. It is a little bit peculiar that the Patriots all of a sudden just traded their starting guard to free up 6 and a half $1 million in cap space when they're linked to all these wide receivers and free agencies. So maybe something could happen there. But let's start with Collins because that's the one solidified report that we have in terms of a name. And again, one of the best right tackles in football, somebody that the cowboys are looking to move on from or potentially release. So I don't think that you're going to have to trade a premium pick to get layout Collins. If the offensive line next year is win at tackle a guard from the draft, Andrews on wenu on the interior and then Lyle Collins at right tackle. That is a line that I can get behind. I think the Patriots would have a very good to above average offensive line with that group and would mitigate this thing a little bit of Shaq mason being dealt here. The return on Shaq mason is not good no matter which way you slice it, but if they can get layout Collins for a day three pick from the cowboys, then it obviously makes things feel a little bit better. I guess, and then that does because he's under contract multiple years, right?.

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