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Guards solid good one out the i did quarterback which generate point it happen and that's the reason our own four but you know jewish and arab shanahan said i think he said it's just not one guy and it it uh but in all your play at ira level and beat the difference between winning and losing when margin is eight points in three games i think he can but yelled they there there's one six points a game and that's forty six in the league them leaving the immediate question to you can't hoyer l it in it i think the answer is yes but now the problem through schedule you got at indianapolis after redskins galaxy italy live at philadelphia so you're looking at either one seven all in eight two year point it's not a terrible thing if the needle keith cuban forward that's what i look for do you see them at all let's say say they lose the next few games served their winless do you see shan ham he said it today these negative doable do you think hoyer gets bench for birther but why would i think it if you if you put a thirdround pack pack on a player who wanted old that player can be a starting player so so uh i just read off the schedule i think it was right but you are you're correctives colts reds cowboys eagles right all right so let's say you're wanted cabin are ona okay i think at that point it to valuation time for a better because it trumpcare you need to know what you're having a third round pick and ate into teeth and campbell ties it's not a great sample side but it's tv and whatever happens with the quarterback on this roster a low drew i don't think it's going to impact up all united's thinking about uh there a drop in in two thousand eighteen as is now the prospect of drafting sand arnold or maybe charged rosen it becomes a more likely scenario with the other than signing curse cousins uh you know and who is looking at at bob big money and at the border united hit daft wrapped in a position to get donald or i don't know how you.

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