President Trump, David Jerusalem, Israel discussed on Drew Garabo Live


One one or two five obsessive tweet from people saying you know what we've had enough of the bullies in the middle east at the president who is definitely a takenoprisoners let's get into actions aiba president samedi decide hey did what that action like would like you know he's doing stuff okay name of things capitals and stuff they said david jerusalem is recognized as a capital of israel and if you'll like that you to bull a you know what and i'm sure they'll be a very tempered response to that and everything's gonna be just fine bottom line is we have a toy drought this friday from six amdl six pm for the kids love to see down there public toys for thoughts mike you want to give us a little insight on the edge roussin situation the law passed in 1994 and els passed by the house by three hundred seventeen votes in the senate passed it by ninety three votes by clinton course signed it deal only place in the head of the sixmonth review every six months the president of the only one it can stop it the since then because of her be six months the president has to late late president bush also promised or so opera did as well that law was passed 1994 so every six months presidents ago a are we going to do this are not an the president's yeah we're going to do this we gonna say at this time we're going to get it on but why why why now well there is certainly no heath over there now so maybe we should trust the with what's been working obviously has not been worked for him crowded about park so this is strictly out of the desire for world peace paneuropean oh i've not painted expert batter will of promised to do in the unexpected it they are no we are were not a safety but at the nearby so we promise to do we we get world peace by officially declaring a that's how we all get along in the fate of what fellow to bring wealth the if the we did promise the view that we have atlanta part who said he was gonna do we're fulfilling our promises lord emilee hitherto they believe it is right now the sheet that ranasinghe though done talking about those those muddle of a standard any better no less terrified that i was the muslims.

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