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Seven hundred twenty WGN. Outdoor. Are your your WGN radio? You for joining me this morning. Start off the scoring on maybe a little bit more of a serious note than I usually do. And that is that the everyone's I'm sure been talking about it. I certainly would listening to it. The the weather forecast coming this week is is nothing short of of absolutely brutal. We don't eclipse all time records for the cold weather. We certainly will be close. And if we think it's cold in Chicago, just head up to Minneapolis or Fargo or their national falls or whatever pagan, and it'll be even a lot colder. So the reason I mentioned this is a lot of you listening have hunting dogs and wide listening. Household pets. The weather on on dogs outside in this kind of conditions is every bit as harsh on them as it is on you. And one of the things that happens when it gets cold is just going to get an and even one zero what makes less fifteen or eighteen or possibly twenty below zero. Is that your dogs become very dehydrated quickly? When it becomes that cold, everything dries, the air is very dry there. There isn't any humidity. And so your pets your hunting dogs in particular will consume an abnormally large amount of water. So during this during this cold spell, please make sure for the health of your dogs that they have plenty of war. That's the one thing that they will become much more thirsty. And obviously your dog doesn't want to exercise and this kind of weather it'll freeze her lungs. So not that you want to exercise and this weather either. But be mindful of that that hunting dogs, which are high-powered ready to go. When I go outside and run when it's this cold kind of air can can impacts dogs lungs for the rest of his life. So lots of water and not much time outside and certainly not any time for exercising for your for your dog in this this kind of weather, and it will be something that is we haven't seen this. Quite a while. It's it's interesting to me as I spent so much time outdoors. I'm sure a lot of you listening. It it seems to me. And this is just anecdotal is people say it's not scientific, but our coldest weather seems to be coming later in the winter as opposed earlier in the winter and having said this next year, we'll probably be ten below on Christmas Eve, but it appears that if you go back a number of years early February late January early February unindo, mid February have been colder than early December, mid December early January and certainly with the auto show starting so I know the news for them if they had this kind of weather all the sports shows of the boat show. Nobody does. Well, when when the temperatures reached this kind of extreme everyone in the world is telling you on the television and radio, stay inside, don't go outside acceptable. But that's really true if your car stalls, you're caught in a rural area. You don't have a lot of time at eighteen below zero. So moving from what hopefully it won't be as bad as it. We'll be they being the weather forecasters, but I'm the subject of a wildlife in general believe it or not extreme cold conditions. Don't seem to really impact wildlife a whole lot. Dear just yard up. And they stay quiet, and they spend a lot of time huddled up. It doesn't. It doesn't kill them the same professions and quail they find a big Bush to get into and they just pop out their feathers and the Covey acquaintance a super tight close together. And they just hunker down. What is really really bad for birds? He's not. Cold. What's bad for birds is wet snow freezing rain ice because that's what then. Covers their food sources. So we don't have those conditions right now, we're going to have brutally cold weather. So those who might be thinking what's going to happen to doesn't population or quail population? This this or gear population. This really doesn't have any impact. Now, if it was if it was co long it went on for a week or more than you, would you would see some issues, but but extreme cold weather for a brief period of time so long as it's not a company by lots of snow is is something that not impact wildlife. Speaking of wildlife, though, I wanna talk for a moment about the department of natural resources. And the rumor mill that's going around. And and for those of you listening for a long time to me, you know, that I don't generally deal and rumor mills rumors rather. But I think in this case I want to start off by maybe trying to squelch and initiative if in fact, it is true. It has been reported in in circles that that I believe are credible that there are two finalists for the Elmore department natural resources position. Oh has been terminated governor fisker? He's no longer governor elect governor prescribe so Wayne Wilson polish out and the two candidates that appear to be in the final running couldn't be more post each other diametrically opposed one is an individual who from what we understand is is comes from an anti hunting and fishing background is a strong supporter of Pedo, which is one of the most disgraceful. Groups in the in the world, in my opinion. They they've never done anything for conservation. They only disrupt lawful hunting and fishing practices file lawsuits, and and have never been a contributor to habitat gains or anything that would increase wildlife and fisheries and bird populations. This individual is believed to be a strong supporter of the main society, which falls in with pita when it comes to an extreme anti-hunting views and animal welfare laws. So if you're his administration were to appoint an individual to be the director of the department of natural resources who comes from a background of anti-hunting supporter of pita, and humane society. It would be the greatest disgrace to an affront to the residents of the state of Illinois imaginable. And I think of frisky would find his honeymoon with the legislature is over. The director of the department of natural resources needs to be confirmed by the Senate. I cannot imagine John color tin and the Eleanor state Senate approving someone to be the director of the department of natural resources who does not have a strong, hunting fishing, natural resources, heritage background and beliefs and for the rest of us if governor Pritzker is to appoint the individual I've been told each considering it would be it would be just so disgraceful in such an insult to the integrity of those of us in Illinois who loved the outdoors support the outdoors get financial resources, which make the Eleanor department of natural resources. And so many things just take place mistake possible. It would be unimaginable that an individual is even inconsideration who doesn't support hunting and fishing and outdoor recreation heritage. So we'll find out very soon. But I'm giving you the warning this morning. That word has it that one of the two finalists is somebody who in no way, shape or form is qualified to be the director of natural resources. And that if if she were to be appointed, it would create outrage and justifiably so from all of us who hunting and fishing the state care about our natural resources wonder, natural resources, and it's one of those things where I would imagine the state Senate will not let stand so governor Pritzker if you're listening, or if anyone on your administration is listening. Don't don't go down that road. Don't pick that fight with hundreds of thousands of sportsmen and women in Hawaii who contribute tens of millions of dollars hundreds of millions of dollars, actually. And who just take it for granted that the department of natural resources. We'll be looking out for their interests. I'll be back in just a moment with more of the great outdoors show when I do I'm gonna talk a little bit back diseases. And in particular, I'm going to talk about the bird flu, which has had such an impact on on. Birds S H grouse in particular. This is Charlie. Potter outdoor voice of Chicago in America, seven twenty WGN. I a message from our longtime sponsors the northwest, Indiana. And Chicago land Chevrolet dealers.

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