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So what does left-wing mean? And he said, if he's bad. That was my first political experience. But so I moved out in Pennsylvania. I was in the around the Three Mile Island nuclear lamp when they had the accident. And so that was my very first kind of activist experience in that we were trying to. I was watching all these environmental groups like the Sierra Club and others trying to prevent contaminated water from being dumped into the Susquehanna river. And and so that was a huge experience for me. I remember being around the plant and the guy you're counters and guys in full full has mad gears for, you know, that took up entire blocks around in the plant, and that was a pretty moving jarring experience for me when I came out to California, I started volunteering for a group called campaign for economic democracy, and it was a heavy into the environmental economic Justice in an environmental. Community issues, and I learned to organize, I learned how to be a field organizer which a lot of women didn't know at the time. A lot of women kinda went into PR and fundraising and and and volunteer coordination, and I somehow fell into actually do in the hardcore field organizing. So I learned from some of the best in the business how to how to how to grow a crowd, how to get people to join an organization and and work on campaigns. So we were, we were taught very, very concrete skills on organizing for to win elections and it it served me really well, and it started. My political career was actually started in in southern California. Were you doing this during college instead of college? That's a good story. It took me. I graduated from college when I was in the governor's office at forty six, forty seven something, and it took me. I started going to college before I left pencil. Vania when I was when I was seventeen and a half, so seventy years dying, lost count, I lost, but but as I got more and more involved with pilots, I went to college a number of places. Most of the of the time was at San Francisco state university after I moved to northern California, but it's amazing how the primaries and the general election coincide with midterms and finals. So I would start out taking a full load and then I would drop down. I wouldn't be able to finish the classes and stuff. So I of took less and less. I got to be a like I turned a senior, and then I just I was working full in politics and I, I never, I didn't graduate. And then. After I was done, my first major stint in the governor's office in when I was in my forties. I. I went on the public utilities commission, and I decided I would finish my I promised my father that I would get my college degree because neither of my parents went to college, so I started going to, I went back to college when I was on the public utilities commission and you you. So your careers advancing in politics and micro had absolutely taken off. I was already in Sacramento, three jobs later. Yeah, without without agreeing for say, what are you doing? You don't have a degree you don't belong? No, but I but I had some really interesting embarrassing experiences because when you're in politics and you're pretty, you get pretty high up, you can't. You can't fit about that. And politicians have been busted seriously, and I would be introduced. And so many of the higher I got in politics more. I would be introduced as having graduated and I would have to correct people, and there was one time in particular. I was speaking at Stanford University. I was surrounded by guys with letters that went from out the wazoo next to their name. And somebody introduced me as as having graduated, and I had to correct them, you know. In front of this entire room of Stanford scientists that I did not. I did not graduate. That was very motivational. I bet. Marriot's, but so yeah, so I ended up going. I ended up decided to go back to college when I was at on the PUC. And then while I was on the PUC I was there for three years and then Schwarzenegger asked me to come up to Sacramento is being she is chief of staff, and I thought I do not want to dry. I was at Saint Mary's college. I was doing the online course, which is frankly more rigorous than any classroom I've ever been in and and it's because it's very, very intense enhance on..

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