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Camp Randall, one of my favorite places to go to games, grammars and company, and I'm a Lucy who I don't know much about him running back, but they do have Jalen Burger back receiving wise. Danny Davis still there. Kendrick Prior, Jack, none. Excellent tight end one of the best and Jake Ferguson and Jack Sanborn and Leo channeler back. As far as linebacking corps in these two guys 98 tackles between them last year in a shortened season, Penn State Sean Clifford running the show, so that's why Levi's transferred cane they get Jon Lovett, who transfers over there, and John Dodson is still back along with Parker. Washington to receive Passes. Those two guys got 14 touchdowns. 88 receptions in over 1300 yards between them, and then you got Ellis Brooks is back. This team gave up 28 sacks the last year. Penn State Bradley only got 21 themselves. Your take here, Wisconsin, a 5.5 point favorite at Camp Randall. Total of 48 a half up to 49 some places. You know me, Katie. I'm not afraid to make a bet this time of year. I didn't make it bad on this one. I think it's fair side and total burgers might not play in these questionable for Wisconsin. That's a big worry that I have we're at after Penn State is how they handle the atmosphere of North Carolina and to handle it too. Well, today, some other teams I didn't handle it too well, either, so and you don't camp Randall B Rock and so might be a shock depends state system, but the blind spare. It's a situation where I lay four. Take 6 6.5 of Penn State. Alright there it is, By the way, Michigan State got a field goal. It is 31 14 sparty up with 5 28 to go in Evanston as well see the end of that game right now Northwestern up against it on the 3rd and 13. So we'll keep an eye on that game as it rolls on down. Ken Thompson, Brad Powers of Friday football fiasco Be a lot more organized next week Rich in Arkansas. It's a race team that they've got Luke McAffrey over there. Wiley Green. So a couple of decent quarterbacks, the Owls team that always likes to run the ball going up against Arkansas, an impressive showing in the debut last year for the coach Sam Pittman, K. J. Jefferson back and trailing Berks Right now the receiver who had seven touchdowns was listed as questionable. Last I saw They do have bumper pool back and grant Morgan. How about these two guys? Linebackers at 111 and 101 tackles Morgan with 1 11 bumper pool. Great name with 101, However, Arkansas 34 sacks they allowed. They only got 14 themselves. They better be careful this year in the SEC. They've got to turn that number around somewhat to be competitive in the sec. But who do you like in this one. Arkansas minus 19.5 49 a half the total from Fayetteville. A lot of people like rice. I mean, the money's coming on our, but I think people forget all improve. The Arkansas was last year. I mean, there are a couple plays away from making a bowl game, and that was after coming into season losing 20 straight. SEC game, So I'm a big fan of Tampa and big fan of Kendall Briles the offense corner. Remember, they run up tempo, so any time you are laying with a favorite, it's all about the temple for me. So I surname with Arkansas. All right, next game on the docket, a big one from a good pal Brian Panish as Jake Connor and Fresno State come off the win against UConn rather handily, 45 nothing he threw for 3 31 and three touchdowns. Ronnie Rivers only ran for 58 yards, but had two receptions for 66 in a touchdown. Mims had 38 yards on seven carries and in jail in Cropper, excellent game with three receptions 87 in the touchdown. Eric Brooks solid five receptions as well. The defense had four sacks didn't give up any now they go to Eugene. They go up in class against Anthony Brown, who looks like he'll be running the show with the shock, of course, transferring to Texas Tech CJ Verdell travesty is still there and then you have Michael Pittman now. Looking healthy. Johnny Johnson, the third and then cavon Thibodeau, one of the best in the in the in the whole, uh, college as far as defensive end, and this guy plays like a linebacker. He's got that speed like a Khalil Mack type. And so he will be very high in the NFL draft. Noah Sewell also back middle linebacker, very solid. Oregon, a big favorite 20.5. It's staying steady. There hasn't pushed 21 yet. 63 a half Brad from Eugene. You don't think it's going to get their kpi? I just think people would take 21 President State. Uh, a tough number. I think it's about right. I mean, if they got to 21, I'd probably in President State but 20 right around where I put it. Obviously, the question is how motivated as Oregon to get margin with the Buckeyes on back so I mean, I'm not sure that they are extremely motivated and banged up on defense. Uh, been 21. It's president stated 20. It's an old play. There you go. West Virginia and Maryland. Jared Jared Gigio will lead the way at 14 touchdowns last year, missed a few games. But Lenny Brown very solid, went over 1000 yards in nine games last year for the Mountaineers, and Neil Brown did a nice job there. They've got some players. There's no question, you know, linebackers pretty solid. They've got method or saw the defensive lineman coming back. Also a couple receivers Ford, weeping and right. Pretty good to give Daddy some card. You know some continuity there on the offensive side, but to lead to a tongue of buy low. I really enjoyed watching him last year. At the beginning. I thought, Man, this kid is going to struggle mightily. Nothing like his brother. But I liked what I saw out of him, and he's a lot faster than I thought. And I think there's potential there for Locksley's guys Flee Davis a pretty good running Back, and then you have Dennis Jones and Jared. Decent receivers for the Terps there at home. Maryland is plus 2.5. Now there are still some threes. You can find a three at circa bed, MGM. I played this. I got plus 3.5 in Maryland. Where are you on this one. Yeah. I think, 4.5. Of course she did. Yeah, Of course I did. I know people like Of course you did. What? Why did I mean, if I got both tickets, I'll do it to prove it. But you do you know to me It wasn't like I was in love with Maryland. I'm just you know, I'm well connected. And I know who you know which group of people like Swart. What teams? The one that I knew Maryland would be our favorite team of the analytics guys just because of yards per play and whatnot there explosiveness. Is really good, at least for a team. That wasn't very good as far as a record last year, so I anticipated money to come in in Maryland. We've seen that about men at the current number. I mean the consensus right now, 2.5. I wouldn't have about there and the thing of this real quick, Katie Mean Maryland is very tough to trust of Mike Locksley. I mean, they have higher upside. In my opinion in West Virginia, West Virginia is the more consistent program. I can't disagree with that. Even with the coaching change, Indiana and Iowa this one of my favorite games of the day, Michael panics Junior back. I mean, you missed a few games last year, played the first six and then title came in. But my boy Stephen Car from SC transfers there they still have Hendershot. The tight end back, had four touchdowns last year and type fryfogle as long as he is healthy and ready to go seven touchdowns last year. Marshall Matthews decent receivers as well. Michael McFadden. Excellent linebacker leads the way for the defense. And then you go up against Spencer Petrus, who seemed like he was coming into his own last year late for Iowa..

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