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France winky's west barca's as george w bush war tony blair uh that he fell that he's not really risk active acted and and he's not treated as an equal partner and he was salter by that's that was a very personal approach had an actually he usually uses of that personal approach in in international relationships are are i was offended by nature large myth was offended of not being invited to join a iraqi operation um them he started being paranoid because of uh a lot of a lot of people franque's newsreel telling him that are there were there were some uh american lat conspiracy gear scheme he started believing in that global conspiracy he started believing that the real a ulf boosted duct rian uh was regime change in russia he started believing that that are american really wants to overthrow him um and actually he he changed most of his are risk bulls he he simply to air to believe in in the beginning of his first presidential term from that's what what i made that that it has become a really accidental uh rather than accidental leader promoting those values that were knocked his true values sweater web he was chosen to be yeltsin's successor you talk about this transformation of prudent from his early terms you call him treatment the lionhearted who who believed or lee said to have believed uh uh the the power of actual real economic reforms said they'll failed for various reasons and and then this other changed at comes in him where he eventually because of the paranoia you describe uh the emotional response the digging personally dis uh a little cold geopolitical outcomes decisions made by the uk the united states in the early 2000s the he transforms into what he is now which is on could arable om as all him um i think what keeps coming out in all the conversations we have about you know who is who is putin really in an unoas really no uh you may know the best because uh you did an amazing number interviews off for this book with the inner circle uh around putin um and i wanted to get a sense from you don't want will was a light to talk to all of the.

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