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Away from his man Radko Gudas Kuti's comes up with a park connects with Travis Boyd in hell lockdown ice block rolling the red lines and back up the other direction by the avalanche taken back by the Washington Capitals and now is a Dora spins away and sends a right on the tape of Matt Calvert then in C. Calvary blended into the avalanche a logo at center ice now for checking affect Belmar tries to get the puck lose does Calvert escape to the far corner words is way down the ports notions of behind the net Belmar is they're trying to get away from John Carlson Belmar stick handling in the corner back to the point Ian Cole takes effect drive to fly to the far side and learn at Houston is on scene at Houston we differ Belmar double clutch on a one timer I get to the near side Cole has it knowing shot say may by hoping and he'll hang on now some pushing and shoving in front right in the middle of things of course is mac caliber dean Cole joining the Frank is who's well and no surprise the right go good is is involved as you would see controller who gave Calvert a Porsche again nothing sinister by any means Calvert is literally standing there Intel core garlic Maggie with a gang up on the avalanche number eleven is is is getting punched in the back of the head and then cross checked in the face I mean I guess the capital they have to try to do something here right stir the pot get somebody's face do anything because they're they're they're looking a little still out here I mean the avalanche their forecheck is phenomenal every time they dumped the puck and it doesn't matter who gets the **** first even if the device Washington defenseman gets to the park first it seems like the avalanche of Strickland and taken the puck away right away the small conference between linesmen and referee in the party circle that conference has come to a conclusion in the face sellable proceeded miss near side cervical left of great hold him and it will take it was perfect on the drawings in the first period he will go against Nick now for this one what is down in doubt when it came in it no longer one hundred percent in the faceoff circle keeps it in the camera trying to escape both dowload and Brendan Leipsic former Vegas golden eye over cannot send back up when out by the avalanche took a deflection off the board so this will not be a delay of game for the face off will be inside the avalanche only seventeen twenty seven to go in our second period if you're truly free credit scores and free credit monitoring from credit karma download the credit karma app today credit karma here's to progress there you go very well read you're paying on on those every time to be good at something Washington Capitals good on his face off a win at rector orelon out there in NYC Jensen Orlov center down the wall once there by Johnson help lift a backhand feed for Tyson Josie comes up with it now for met me at all he and spins away now the plot Sandrart holding shootings save made by a whole week.

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