Dr Anthony Fauci, ZAY, President Trump discussed on C-SPAN Programming


Elements of the American rescue plan, it was designed with a bottom of focus on what our experts saying is the actual lead. What's the actual need to get Schools open? What's the actual need to have a national vaccination distribution? And to underwrite the strategy that you heard Dr Fauci on the president talked about yesterday. And what's the need to support families and businesses during this transition, and the second? The second thing is that as a result of that, I think we're seeing ah lot of support A ZAY said bipartisan mayor's bipartisan governor's Business Organizations Chamber of Commerce Business Roundtable economists across the board saying, this is a This is a Yet response to an unprecedented economic circumstance s O. That's the That's the approach that we are taking, and that's the That's the perspective that we are bringing here, and I think that we are heartened to see that kind of support. And that's the conversation that we're gonna have with members of Congress. Be the Republicans or Democrats, including, you know, looking at where we are where we've come over the last year, and the lessons we've learned that Without decisive action. We know, um Theo the consequences, and so now is the moment not to undershoot or to wait and see. Now it's a moment Act, Brian D. Says director of the National Economic Council today in the White House briefing room. Other part of the president's proposed relief packages, $350 billion to state and local governments also tribal governments and territorial governments. There's a new study from the Center for Budget and Policy Priorities that finds that those governments are facing a budget shortfall. The coming fiscal year do the coronavirus of $225 billion You heard a reference of Dr Anthony Fauci. He was in the White House briefing room. Yesterday. He said it was liberating to be able to talk about scientific fax of the Corona virus and not worry about political consequences. Today in an interview on CNN, he went a bit further. Did the lack of candor to the lack of facts in some cases over the last year cost lives. You know it very likely. Did you know I don't want that John to be a sound.

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