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Evacuation orders may be necessary for parts of the Panhandle in the coming days due to flooding. This is something that is with the flooding. It's going to continue to be an issue over these next many days and so people just need need to buckle up. If you're in those areas, heed the warnings of your local officials, and obviously we were going to be there to help in any way we can. Descent, is also said during the press conference, he'd be flying over Pensacola disarray. The damage taking an aerial tour with the help of the Coast Guard Morgan last NewsRadio Wofl, a storm still moving over Alabama. It'll track over Georgia and the Carolinas through the end of the week, At least one person in Alabama died from the storm. Stay informed during hurricane season with W F l A news dot coms Operation Storm Watch brought to you by Morgan Exteriors. A Carjacking onboard a transit bus. The Hillsborough sheriff's has 36 year old Roberto Allen walked upto a transit van in Ruskin and demanded the driver take him too. Why Mama, which is nine miles away, and not on any bus routes, The driver refused. Deputies say Alan jumped in the driver's seat and made threats. Alan apparently got his way. Deputies say they found him at a gas station in his destination town. And arrested him last year to transit drivers got attacked in Tampa one was stabbed to death. The other badly hurt but survived. Gordon Byrd. NewsRadio Wofl a. While, he says a deadly police involved shooting was justified. Pinellas County sheriff admits it should have been handled differently. Sheriff Bagwell T Erry released a report into the deadly shooting of a man last month in Saint Petersburg on fourth Street North. A police officer was responding to a report of an argument between neighbors when one of the men choked her and in fear for her life, she shot and killed him. Gualtieri says in his report, The call should have been handled as a mental health issue and not a police matter. Two protesters were arrested after police say a woman's car was hit by another car on South Howard in Tampa. Woman frantically called 911 multiple times for help, saying that protesters were blocking her in like, not move. I need the belief now. Her car was allegedly hit by 24 year old tighty on a moon knows who was arrested for aggravated battery. Another protester was arrested for refusing to move behind crime tape. Several Manatee County sheriff's deputies are being praised for their bravery and quick thinking after a deal I stopped a few days ago that turned into a life saving situation on the Sunshine Skyway Bridge. Sheriff Rick Well, says it started on Saturday when Deputy Jacob Meryl tried to pull over 23 year old Scott Rapson on state Road, 64 wraps and tried to run him down and then headed up. I 75 he got out of his truck and climbs over the barrier on the bridge to officers tried to talk wraps and down as Detective Tyler Ackerman went around and grabbed him. It was only probably 15 25 ft, but it felt like It took us forever to get behind him. And all that kind of stuff's going through our heads just as much because you know that liability could fall on me by accident, you know, didn't grab him.

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