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You know. I don't know what you guys wanna do me personally. I probably live downtown. La because i would like to be in a brand new modern building in high-rise with security and all that stuff and everything else now you could also use at forty five dollars a and maybe live further out you know like in woodland hills somewhere and get a lot of space. Maybe you could rent a house. You know a forty five out if you could shit. I rented a small housing lyndale. Fuck and sixty five hundred. So i don't know shit by do no. I was looking at places. And there were definitely spots in koreatown in downtown. La for thirty five to hundred. Four hundred in brand new high-rise buildings. Your second question is i'm thinking of picking up a rolex yacht master to yellow gold would appear on that. Watch bro it does. An excellent watch is a great time piece sport. Watch she kind of beat. The best of the best both worlds. Where casually with some sweats. You could wear with the fresh little outfit to wear to the pool where to mountains where it's swing it just all around all purpose. Great watch create choice bro and bar. The goat bill go hammer rights first off huge fan from fresno california. This podcast is great. It's hilarious dramatic attaining. All around great expresso shot in the morning so ben. I've a couple of questions. Have you ever been to fresno california or have any stories about fresno. How would you invest thousand haven't been a fresno i have been the fresno probably fifteen twenty times early on i went to football camp at fresno state university Barry sanders was there as a trip The bulldogs used to go to fresno here and there some friends there. I dated a chick who was fuck was a car gottschalk. I forgot the department store. You guys you have out there To i had a buddy and clovis boy siri she used to get money out there. So i come chill out an fresno little bit definitely a very different type of town and i also had a homey. It was a team mate of mine in college. He lived in coalinga which is not far from fresno soldano. How would you invest twenty grand. I would put all twenty thousand dollars in gold. I buy you know. Bitcoin and it sounds crazy to you. But you know it's funny is a buddy of mine. Invest twenty five grand in game stop during the whole fiasco for thirty six hours. He made a lot of money. But if you want to just be safe buy gold by goal. You know straight up if you feel weird not owning an entire bitcoin you know. Buy gold shot fresno grow homer. No simpson writes band been rocking the beginning. Thanks for all the game fixing my credits in seven sixteen credit score this time. Last year i was at a six hundred ten two part question. Would you ever be interested. In having jacob the jeweler on the pod. Lemme ninety nine. The second question is the first question one hundred percent. I haven't had time you know. I talked with son here and there. I a lot of respect for jacob definitely should get him on the part. I just really have so much going on and i can't wait to focus. I feel like. I'm just barely still starting and i've been doing this for a year and a half now but i just really. I would love to get fucking jacob on the show question to. Did you ever make peace for ferrall. When he was crazy on his jewelry outlandish colorful jewelry and shit No ferrall was strictly with lorraine and jacob. And he's still for all has referred people to me he fucks me and everything else. He's not really by jewelry like that anymore. He's totally off that game. And he's has legendary pieces archived and whatever and all that but thank you mikey from denver. Gustavo gustavo vote on fucking nominee month of crazy What do you think about ad killers work. Would you on the pod. He has a crazy come up story. I recently became friends with a add. Killer ryan the began the pandemic What happened on the pot. I don't think so. No disrespect or anything. Just and jimmy's like a personal friend of mine for fucking i dunno. Hallo greg there was certain thing here but i wouldn't have like icebox elliott or like. Maybe i'd have tv johnny. 'cause it's interesting story and i would like ask them. Why the fuck you such bootleg do but you. He's i saul love. What don't really have too many jewelers on the show you know they're in the next ten years. I don't plan on having more than three jewelers and jacob. So it's not anything i'd wanna talk about. But she's a i think he's he's as clean work and everything seemed like a cool dude. I just wouldn't really help on the pot last question. Y'all dougie nine hundred eighty five zero six to seven. I don't know why the fuck you all those numbers. But it's all good rights best podcasts out there. Hey ben big fan love the podcast. Been listening since day. One i'm in the middle of a uc flare up currently in a oh shit about uc burger cake. Ulcerative colitis and i'm on what feels like a million different words. Just got my first infusion of mto today in have heard good things. I've actually never taken that before a couple of questions. How do you keep your uc under control. Did cutting red meat out help that much. Are you on any medicine currently. And i know you smoke. So do you feel like it helps do think. Cb would help as well. Thanks for the knowledge and free game. Now listen there's been so many different things. I've had doctors tell me. Hey you should take Products and blah blah and. Let me tell you right now. Probiotics probably.

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