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Harry's getting one right around the I don't understand why they don't refer how about Simone biles being in the e r with the caddy stone hours before the world championship. And then she finishes I in four events. She's amazing. She is amazing. And she's gonna be in the next summer Olympics. Twenty one. But. Yeah. Less than twenty four hours before she was hospitalized for kidney stones. I know. She, you know, Allie federal not now. Yeah. Was on the other gymnasts. She was on talking to. I think it was holder this morning. Yeah. I think you're and she was talking about what the US TA or whatever Olympic gymnasts people have been doing and how they keep. Hiding from protecting people and trying to save face. When all these gymnasts have come forward, and no one ever listened to them about Dr Nassar Nassar, and how she just said all you know, it's still is corrupt. Yes, it's still crap because they're still trying to protect themselves. They don't care about us girl. They're just trying to protect themselves. And she was just saying everything Olympics related has a very big taint. And there's some place member we had Davis iron for his book about the US Olympic Committee. The global global. Thank you. International playing a summer Olympics in guitar. Yeah. Is that I say guitar. Gutter cutter. Yeah. It's one hundred. I mean, people that's true. It's in it's in. Yeah. It's it's all just money. Yeah. No it is a bit. The other part of it is probably people don't want to host it because it costs so much damn money. And then what do you do with the damn buildings when you're done? Yeah. I don't know. It's a money. Loser. Is it is? I remember. Double decker bus the first time, I went to birth alone. Because I like taking that to get an accurate plan ever been to Barcelona, and we go part part of the depending there's like three different ways that you can go, and we just and we were there for like three days. So we just hopped on enough that thing, but I'm one of the legs. You see all the what is left at the Olympic village. And the built some of this stuff rate on these beautiful beaches. And it's they're just sitting there. It was so dom- it was just like over the same thing. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. So I don't know anyway. So anyway, Harry and Meghan are going to be happy to be home. The Queen is so proud. I am sure of the two of them because they worked their Royal? Yes. They did they did. And why? We learned that entertainment tonight has three they're not allowed to accept a gift over one hundred ninety six dollars. But they bring all those gifts back there archived and cataloged some are used they'll keep like, maybe the little e MU. You know, little little muck Klux. They keep though, you know there. The little well lis, you know, things are getting for the Sussex Babia, they keep them for five years. And then there either. Given away to charity that can be done or they're disposed of sold or not sold. They can't be sold burned or buried. We couldn't figure it out. What the British? Gift over two hundred dollars. It cannot keep it nothing can bring that back with them those because they don't want to say. Probably somebody to return it for them. So. You know, but they keep all that crap. I mean now not only didn't do an catalog Acas. They get stuffed animals and cursor not bringing back the flowers. No, the bouquets. But like make implanted got down on her knees. Implanted a little tree with a little girl. And then there is a little boy who said, I'm like, you prince hearing was a little ginger redhead, and it's been kind of fun, and that's all coming to an end. I won't be able to. With all the other people. I love looking at the at her past outfits and even what he's wearing. I love his casual style. You know, I showed it Casey when he was in his pineapple shirt. I said look at you in Prince Harry of something in common, and what did he say? Well, he does like all that kind of. He does he's part. You know, he's taken he likes the feeling of them. Oh, it is that cotton. I am telling you when you add or as I like certain fabrics on my scale. Yeah. I refuse to put others near me and my face in a pillow case anywhere near my back. I mean, I really do agree and in tags as you watch busy Phillips slash busy tonight. Did she get him Mr. nightgown or I didn't watch it to the end? I decided I don't have time. Yeah. Lori thinks she's clever and cute. But you know, what there's something? Watch. Again, there's something force trying too hard. I kind of but she is very copying Jimmy Kimmel on man on the street thing. But everyone is finding your groove. But it's kind of she's like, you should maybe just relax. I wish the royals us member the TV show. I love that shell you're mad that the rather miserably I like her I think good for her. But I I'm not gonna do it every night. Edge. There's an edge. She needs to get her something. She's like, it's she's fighting or Girvan keep watching for us. The right time of the day to have a girlfriend at nine pm. Yeah. It seems like it's ten pm. Yeah. I don't know it. It's in I tape it. So I can watch it whenever and I watched it this morning. I just got bored when Vanessa Hudgens these started having their love fest with. Margaritas away. Like with only have like your Mark. It was like it was eavesdropping on the most boring conversation ever shut it off. Yes. So did I that's right. When I showed it. I'd like we have the same span are they really having a conversation about how do you like your marks? It's your marks. Yeah. That's a little too cute. I mean, it's their their friends Vanessa goes to catella both weekends and busy only goes one weekend. It's very very LA. One of the writers a Kellyanne expert who a lot we loved following on Twitter from day one, and she's very sarcastic and very funny. But it seems to me like Kellyanne answered could do that show. Well, and they go to the the three writers. They look at him in the audience to double check if they're. Two two off trend or too crazy or something. And it's like it's like asking you Danny after we say something Danny was that. Okay. We'll that pass with our audience or Donny, what do you think of that? Or Danny was that. Okay. And you telling us that it's a it's a bad that they have that. They're probably include the writers. Yeah. Say shit move on. Yeah. They don't take that much work. Yeah. They don't. All right. Listen, we come back. We've a lot to Hollywood's fear so experienced at this. She should call us for advice. You really should and center the nipples at least to ask her teller. She can call us for advice. Hurry, forget this. When we come back. We're Hollywood speaking a lot if you're a woman. Yeah,.

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