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Behavior of the man in a public space where there are families and children present is absolutely appalling Ricco show, NewsRadio WFL the blue angels are here. But if you live in Paul county, you might have already heard their arrival the team arrived at lakeland Linder airport yesterday as their f a eighteen Hornets rumbled through the sky, the air acrobats team will be performing at the sun and fun fly in and expo tomorrow. And Sunday can't wait until then you can check out their practice run late this afternoon. It's eight oh five at News Radio. WFL a business experts wrong. Again, new unemployment claims fell below all forecast to the lowest since nineteen sixty nine fifty years ago. A healthcare firm says businesses rising faster than their costs are going up and professional scientific and tech. Support. For him says business has slowed from a couple of months ago, but businesses still stable and stop and solid. The big new companies are growing even larger faster we work as buying managed by Cuba company that provides not just cleaning services, but also receptionists in IT staffs for large companies because we work wants to get its foot in the door of large companies to consult them on how to redesign their offices to be more. Like, we workspaces Starwood capital says forty percent of the office space being taken up in this country now is being leased by tech companies axios. News says all the Facebook users data found in the cloud on Amazon servers amounts to a huge data trash pile that nobody is guarding an MIT says not everything can be automated. Instinct and judgment will always matter says M, I T for NewsRadio WFL a I'm Joe Connolly. With a Bloomberg business.

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