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Shortest start of his postseason career three plus innings. Five runs allowed four earned is manager. Dave roberts. Can you? Put a finger on what seems to have with Kershaw on the postseason. No. I just as far as tonight, first of all we gave it to any basis. We didn't play clean when he was in the game. There's affected the game back as far as Clayton. I just think it was. Poor execution and stuff was good. But he just made mistakes in the strike zone. And defensively. Again, we didn't do any favors trying to bullpen their way through this series. How it was in European to get that rally together in the eighth inning and work a little there in the night. I thought we played an entire baseball game. I did for them to use hater for three innings tonight. And for us to get a good look at their arms and the pen. I thought that we had good at bats all the way till the end. So you know, they were selling out obviously with Josh one three innings against us. But I thought I'd bats even when you weren't scoring runs. I thought they were competitive, Dave. How stunning was it to see Woodruff rarely as bad in the major leagues pitcher kid all runoff Kershaw like that. You know, I think he had four bats this year. And we saw had actually some little bit of power. Not a bad swing back to see the ball where the ball park against Clayton. Obviously that was a surprise to all of us trying to get away and was middle middle. Anybody could swing on dodgers manager Dave Roberts. Josh hater one of six relievers used by Milwaukee game one. He struck out four over three scoreless innings after the game. Hater join our own. Pedro Gomez just like you scripted it. Right. Josh. I don't know about that..

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