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Reporting that sixty year old Shelton chambray the toddlers legal guardian is facing fourth degree abuse and neglect of a child after she died on August sixteenth as temperatures rose up to the mid eighties authorities allege every parked his van at the Lyndon wall Paco station before six thirty in the morning but forgot she was in the car someone eventually found her in the van just before four PM and broke the window but at that time it was too late she was pronounced dead at the scene Chad Robison New Jersey one one point five news seventy jerseys first news five forty neighbors in new from the stench of that something was wrong inside a Jersey city home they called it into the city's quality of life task force and a squad found horrific conditions inside a home with nine mixed breed dogs covered in Philly is dog urine and feces everywhere the smell was unbearable yet also living inside two young boys twelve and sixteen and there eighty three year old grandmother police arrested the children's mother and homeowner outside the home she's charged with endangering the welfare of a child and elder abuse here's a journal reports the kids were covered in leaves are now in protective custody. police in Ridgewood are sending out the alert after a Paramus man was charged taking inappropriate photos of school kids inside a local Starbucks the students all attended immaculate heart academy Lewis to more was still in the coffee shop when police got there if anybody else thinks he targeted them with his camera the rest to give police a call. New Jersey one one point five news time five forty one the future of the cannabis industry in New Jersey is still a bit hazy but folks can agree to expand exponentially at some point and today's college age kids have the opportunity to get on the ground floor of something huge stocked in university just posting a career fair for all things cannabis business major Rafi hawk says cannabis is the latest commodity not just for medicinal purposes but adult use.

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