Campaigning gets underway in UK general election


Let's get more on that story about the UK hey general election getting underway joined in the studio by terry siesta as a political journalist with a regular chronicler of all things westminster welcome back terry to the show as if to prove the fast paced nature of things here in the UK capital some breaking news more news for the government yes this is supposed to be the big day when boris johnson launches his election campaign he's been to see the queen this morning to tell her that parliament is now officially dissolved in the campaign is properly up and running and what has happened on the first day he has had to lose a a member of his cabinet the welsh secretary alan cans who has just been forced to resign fine because it's to do with the question of what he had known about evidence that one of his aides had given in a rape trial and it turns out he said that he hadn't known about this misleading evidence that his his former aide given it it turns out that he didn't know that this was damaging very damaging to the trial and he has now on with absolutely dreadful timing for the government to offer his resignation i guess is as a sanitary lesson about you know tori pledges to get brexit done that's absolutely fundamental to the whole campaign and this is another sort of wheel another spoken the wheel of the the shows exactly how that's going to be yes i mean boris johnson later today's expected to set out what he wants to be talking about during this election campaign and that we expect will be things like you know very much his domestic agenda things like spending on hospitals things like funding schools things like more funding for well police officers and of course on top of that his his claim that he will increase you know get brexit don t won't be it'll be more uncertainty that it will be finished by by the end of january the trouble is that in the campaign such as it's been so far he i mean and this happens in every campaign has to be said but the things are knocked off course so not only have we had this resignation today we've also had for instance jacob reasonable see making some new is the leader of the house of commons at the moment making taking some extremely ill advised comments about the grenfell fire and appearing to suggest that if people had had common sense than they might have not done the fire brigade told them to do which was put in that they might have they might have escaped and then one of his colleagues piling in on that seeming to suggest that jacob rees-mogg was after all a very clever person might and you know this played really badly now there are always gifts in an election campaign i i think the what's the what's difficult tell what cuts through to your voters who are out in their constituencies having politicians turn up in in big buses and wanting to shake their hand i think the problem with something like the grenfell jacob rees more cases it plays into what people already think about certain members this government i in jacob rees-mogg case that he is a very well off privileged man who is not someone who either personally or professionally has much idea of what it might be like to either fight a fire and a tower block live in one and that sense of seeming out of touch i think is is a big risk particularly for the conservative party eh now one thing that might be different about this campaign you're quite right of course they're always these precious blowing things of course is potentially that there are maybe more players or more parties as we are more groups within a westminster and it's on barons who will be pitching punches some people saying look essentially this is a four party election and maybe the brexit issue makes it so oh there's there's much terry i mean clearly we still fundamentally have two party system but there seems to be something different in in the water what do you make about yes i think this is going to be a hard election to predicts partly because we're starting from a point where you have minority government essentially going into an election so you have a lot of conservatives and we've seen them over the last few days standing down former conservative people who've been thrown out of the party people like hank clark people like philip hammond people like the former minister advisor today in traditional conservative seats and they will obviously be replaced by new candidates but you know the votes in some of those areas might be up for grabs recede in the liberal democrats at the moment going into the campaign quite strongly with the very remain message and we've seen in the labor party is actually being fairly unclear about what their brexit position is which is not to say that brexit is going to be the only issue in this election election but

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