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I said i really had attended to lifer Dobson as an academic and law schools and not in one psychology. So i actually had no idea about setting up a lab hat. Certainly terrible names like whereas concerned but Essentially our focus. As i said the we want to try to use our psychology background and In order to be able to address real world legal problems in essentially my favorite thing to do and what we kind of do a lot of the time is to kind of take people's underlying beliefs the common sense notions of things and to challenge the validity of. Thanks actually the test using its thermal. Now let's any at-bats my garbage student allen and she is the one hair is Kinda driving a the practice that we have gone into the diversity so my next logical question here is. How did you decide on who you were going to accept To be a part of the lab and tell us a little bit more about that process because we have some audience members that say. I love the labs. I wanna get involved. Give me some advice on how i can actually get involved in the labs question. I would say that Be patient but also persistence The number of emails. Especially i think is female psychology professors. I heard one time that in terms of things like reporting help seeking people are most likes to are most likely to go to female psychology professors and looking at my inboxes early feels that way a lot of the time so most often what happens is somebody takes a class of mesa. Being somebody the joint appointment. I teach both in the law school and in the psychology department. So usually what happens. Is somebody pick my class in the psychology department and they ultimately not debut. Well and say oh. Hey you know. I'd like to work with you in your lap or they just email me and generally speaking. I pick people who are assistant who are clearly self-motivated. Meaning like if. I say hey. I'm busy right now but could you back up with me in a couple of weeks in if they do it a hung okay. Great like because like. I can't i kind of know what i need out of People that i work with and one of the things that i can't do i can't chase people. I can't You manage your time for you in manage my also so i get really really works well for me to be able to work with people who can kind of do what they say and say mean in that kind of thing. The other thing i'll say is It's okay to be honest and you should just take the chance like so most people who work with nathan abn idea. I don't know whether i wanna go to law school or psychology great. Neither did that right like that. That's fine and ethnic as long as you're willing to kind of work on what needs to be done and realize that you know we'll do our best to make a good experience you're one they weren't from then there's pretty much no downside to reaching out and trying to get like that they're great advice. Great advice some of our members. Always ask about scholarships grants fellowships Do you have any advice for them. Regarding those types of funding as well as any alternative types of funding. I wish i could say more about that. I mean i.

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