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9, 35 and We continue with our top stories in the coma. 24 7 News center, The state of Washington will reopen the health Insurance exchange next month. That move coming after President Biden's executive order for a new 90 Day enrollment period for Obamacare starting February. 15th. Washington's exchange will reopen that same day, The president made the move to increase access to health insurance. During the pandemic. Amazon and Virginia Mason will hold a second pop up covert 19 vaccinate Vaccine clinic. Sunday and the goal of administering 2000 shots. The clinic will be held at the Amazon meeting Center from a 30 A M to 4 30 in the afternoon. Free to those who get the vaccine will be scheduled for their second dose in a few weeks to find out if you're eligible. We put a link to the wait list on our website Komal news dot com Seattle recorded a staggering spike in complaints against police officers last year. A normal year sees about 1000 complaints. 2020 Nearly 20 times that many. More from comas. Corwin Hate Jennifer tippers with O P. A Seattle civilian run office of Police Accountability, admits 2020 was to use her word crazy. Her office log, not the usual 1000 complaints against Officer behavior but over 19,000 and I'm not even sure of this. 19,000 includes the full 2020. This. 19,000 represents the number of complaints Opie's received related to the protests in 2020. That number is skewed by one incident. In particular, there were around 13,000 complaints related to one case was the child Pepper spray case that happened early in the protests in officers sprayed a chemical irritant into the face of a seven year old boy during a June protest tippers notes. That case is now closed with Opa finding the officer did not violate Seattle police policy. The of the remaining 6000 complaints. Tippers says Opa is currently investigating. 140 Corwin Heiko moaning, authorities say more than one body was found in an abandoned vehicle in eastern Washington. Nero fellow Tri City Herald reports. Adams County Sheriff's deputies were called yesterday to investigate a suspicious car with what appeared to be blood on the hood. Deputies found a person dead inside the vehicle. Authorities contacted the Washington State crime lab to investigate further and then Found another human, more human remains in the trunk. Authorities say the victim's bodies were in such poor condition. They couldn't be identified immediately. Investigators are trying to find out how a man's body ended up in a recycling plant in Pierce County workers were sorting through the recycling just before noon yesterday. Discovered a body on the conveyor belt at the plant, and Fredrickson detectives are backtracking to figure out where the body was picked up. It's not clear how that person died. The Pierce County sheriff's Office investigating a homicide overnighted Parkland just after midnight. Sheriff's deputies responded to a shooting at a home on one 29th Street near Pacific Avenue. When police got there. They found the body of a 33 year old man. They arrested his wife, a 32 year old woman. That's come most holy man, you know that woman was booked into the Pierce County jail on first degree murder charges No Children in the home when that shooting occurred. Has been another break in at a sorority at the University of Washington on Greek row in some students are fearing for their safety. The Chi omega sorority house was locked up tight, but that didn't stop. A man from getting inside is the women slept? Seattle, police say 38 year old Jonathan Frost broke a window and climbed in, then sprayed a fire extinguisher throughout the house while smashing mirrors, glass tables and even a toilet. He was arrested, but students say the neighborhood could be dangerous. So I feel like definitely like I'm saying, I still face time my friends to walk to my car, even if it's like just right across the street. On Sunday, a man entered a different sorority and raped a woman in a room couples. Joel Marino was sports update. 60 Seconds away. Come on, Whose time 9 39. Here's three great reasons to.

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