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And breezy with highs in the sixties. This report is brought to you by 12 Hour Musa necks from the Southern California Toyota Dealers Traffic Center. We make it easy. Now we've got a crash on the window one. Yeah, it's in the hidden hills area. Calabasas westbound side of the one of one Well, north bound hero. You wanna look at that at Valley Circle crash there, apparently blocking that offering for about an hour now, so watch out for that slow from Just before Topanga Canyon as you had westbound. That's one of the big out of town routes. So we'll have to keep an eye on that Ko Phi in the sky. Sponsored by injury, attorney Superwoman super lawyer dot com Jeff Ball looking at things right now in Hollywood. You bet you're welcome on in. Thank you for letting us take along with you here for the tribe. But why this had been in all morning long problems since pre dawn. Actually, if you just joined us South corner One now coming out, the quango past is still jammed from vine down past sunset to western, where the two right lanes have been blocked and as long playing investigation going on, so Again that back up. It's not too bad. Just some minutes getting through there. Maybe 10 or 15 most I would think, but after that pretty good ride on the four level now, right now we're orbiting over. Well, this is the grand overpass going over the one on one. So it's the brand is south of the four level, but it looks like there's a cell tower on fire of all things. It's one of those cell towers disguises a tree. I think, though, isn't L A. D D officers pulling up there right now? So you see a little smoke coming up. But again, it's not on the free weights on over best. Just be careful driving through my goodness. Injured in an accident visit Superwoman Super Lawyer Calm Jeff Bob K F Eye in the sky. Down Valley four or five South bound before Magnolia. The two right lanes are still blocked with a crash there and a bad surface Street crash in Covina Arrow Highway eastbound between Sunflower and Lone Hill. All lanes blocked as they work to clear up that accident. KF Eye in the sky Hopes get you there faster. I'm Will Kohlschreiber UnitedHealthcare Medicare advantage. Plans come with a lot to take advantage of Is that advantage wow dot com To learn more. That's advantage..

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