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Pace that was on it and where he placed it. It was one of the goals of the season. I'll tell you right now. It's not going to be my choice. But i wouldn't fault anyone who made it. There's just for the drama of it and the manner in which he scored it boy that was that was an unbelievable game for them to be down. Three in the eighty. Second minute you heard the call there. I mean even the announcers like After the first goal went in it was sort of just like okay. Well this is just you know this. Will peter out west ham. Do get one back la di da di da. Who knew who win by buena. Didn't even bother like with You know a huge celebration. He just kind of scratched his head after he scored the head or blessed himself. Went back to the halfway line. And you know the the interesting thing to jj right. Before the land zini goal we forget now going back and watching the highlights gareth. Bale had a brilliant move and he got himself into a position where he was pretty much one on one with the keeper now he had just made a few moves to get to that spot. And there was defenders near him but ultimately also should have scored where he's got a score. It was such a good run. Yeah and you didn't fake right away. All that would have been cool. You didn't actually think that they needed it. I mean it was in like the ninety second ninety third minute when it happened and then west ham came right back down the other way. that was. yeah that was unforgettable. what a game. That was all right. We continue now. Jj the evening progresses the signing of the season. Would you like to go. i. I'd love to go i We're staying west ham united. That amir sufa. I'm this is a signing andrew. That ticks all the boxes. He's being superb at right back for west ham seven assists this season according to fb ref. Which i know you love. He finds himself in the ninety percentile for assists per minute. Across europe's big five leagues or five big leagues nor fullback tool assisted or goals in the twenty twenty one premier league season than iron creswell on sufa sufa has been virtual ever-present for west ham since signing in october and key to their charge up the table and he cost west ham united. Just five million dollars that to me now. I don't know what the add on's are the they've got to be on that go to slavia prague but what signing an absolute genius signing On the to check their sue. Check and sue file so important to west time but Five million for a guy that's going to give you that. A mode of production and be a mean defender to absolutely brilliant bit of work and bid a business from west ham which is not something we usually say. Jj i'll tell you what we there is a development going on right now. Tonight's von links. That is nothing short of stunning. I mean they are turning west ham right now at this point in the evening is turning into for for lack of a better comparison. They are the shits creek of the night because for my signing of the season. Jj there are a lot of good ones the one you just mentioned. certainly ruben. diaz man city rufina leads for fauna was another one that i considered but in the end i went with a teammate of the player that you just mentioned west ham we stay with them again. My signing of the season it was a loan move. If you wanna put an asterisk on it go ahead but jj. I went with jesse lindgaard j. lanes as my signing of the season. It was a hail mary move. I mean really kind of like a bit of an afterthought a player who had fallen out of favor for club and country and this is a guy who in his last two years at manchester united combined score total of five goals and two assists in league play a total of that and then in less than half the season at west ham nine goals four assists goals per ninety zero point. Five seven was the highest of his career and seventh best in the league. This season of anybody. We spoke last week about louis. Suarez as goals coming in key moments. Similarly you can say the same about lindgaard. Nine goals were spread across. Five of those came in key wins. One draw only one loss in the loss. His goal was almost massive. He scored a penalty that tied in the eightieth. But then joe wilkes score two minutes later in the second but all in all for a player that just kind of came over leads a bit of it on on a on a loan as a bit of an afterthought for what jesse lingard turned out to be almost played his way back onto the team. Who were thought. We'd be saying that. From june two now. Incredible what he did there and that is why he's my signing of the season and you love him. He's your new charlie. Adam he's dot guy. You just love them. As i do i really i really enjoy. I'm so curious what happens now. 'cause it seems like he wants to stay there but manchester united now. There's been talk about them wanting to bring him back after they saw what he just did so he'll his will be an interesting case the summer to see where he goes next all right with the good. There's always bad. Worst signing of the season can i go. I hear you may all right. Jj this one. I don't like what i'm about to do here. But i will do it anyway. And i'm going with donny. Van de beek of manchester united. And i say that because it's a shame. Because it's a player. That i i really like and i feel like i'm kinda smearing his name by giving in this award I just sort of feel like the wrong team signed him. And i think we said that you and i both said that in real time when they did sign it just kind of felt like they didn't have really a need or a position for him. It felt a little bit like they didn't get jadon sancho so they cotto wanted to still do something relatively splashy and they they kind of just made this panic by for van vanderbeek beek they put down a little over thirty five million pounds to get him and sure enough. All of the concerns that we had came to fruition. He didn't really have a place on. this team. Started just four games in the league budget substitution appearances but only one goal one assist to speak of started only three games in the champions league. Then they get to the europa league. You think okay. Maybe there'll be some places for him to play their only one start in the early he was really just complete and total non the season now. He did make a nice last impression with his performance against so. That's the. That's the reason that i kind of put an asterisk here because i do think that he's he's still a good player and you know he's young enough where there is still hope for him but in terms of this season for whatever hope you might have had that his positive momentum developed i xe with continue it. Didn't it has stalled. And so we'll see now if he can get it going again next season. But yeah that was donny. Van de beek was. That was disappointing to me. The signing for him. Because i really like him as a player and we just didn't didn't get to see it this year. Yeah i thought it was shameful. That he's on the sideline In gdansk for united and villarroel and he's just in his tracksuit. There's no danger he's coming on. It's just terrible when you think two years ago. He was scoring against real madrid in the champions league. It awful anna. And i do think that united should have brought him on. I mean you're telling me he can't give you anything. Yeah very strange the the whole signing in the first place was just odd to me so there you go. What did you have my word. Signing the season rian brewster sheffield united. Chevy united paid liverpool. Twenty four million for a strike her. They needed goals. He did not score. They got relegated. It was too much to ask of a twenty year old who had not played top flight football for any length of time what they made that transfer. An a did not work out this season. At least now he is twenty. One just turned. Twenty one I think he can still have a great career. Brought dot was a massive investment. It was a roll of the dice and it did not work at all. No goals nothing. And at one point.

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