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Million dollars in loans financing the mobs development of las vegas casinos twenty million went to caesar's palace alone twenty three million to circus circus and the kickback dorfman seven percent of circus circus corporations shares potentially worth millions but the f b i hadn't given up on dorfman more than ever they were determined to bring him down for good finally in nineteen seventy four they collected enough evidence to charge dorfman and lombardo with milking the pension fund of one point four million dollars the key witness for the prosecution was businessman daniel seaford who'd been collaborating with the feds if seaford testified lombardo endorphin were both going down the mafia didn't think twice here's former fbi agent jim wagner again this whole case was another example of the problems chicago face as well as other sections of the country and bringing to court cases against some of the organized crime people because they had no hesitation of eliminating witnesses if it would keep them out of fort on september twenty seventh nineteen seventy four daniels seaford went to his office to meet his wife they were assaulted by two armed men mrs seaford was pushed at gunpoint into a washroom siefert made a run for it as the men opened fire the first shotgun blast failed to stop but a second blast to the chest brought him down finally to leave no doubt daniels siefert was shot at point blank rain seared collapsed so did the court case lombardo endorsement walked free again it was clear to the department of justice and the fbi that joe lombardo and the chicago outfit would stop at nothing to keep their money man and the mafia bank in business in the next episode we'll reveal how the fbi launched a vast surveillance operation to go after the man who'd been bankrolling the chicago mob for over two decades and finally shut off a steady supply of cash to the muffin we penetrated dorfman and and is contacts then that would open up avenues of prosecution and evidence gathering s to the mob corrupt teamsters officials corrupt public officials will speak to the lawmen who were part of operation pin fold the code name given to the covert operation to bring down dorfman the best evidence you news accordance of vengeance own words i lucky enough to have video surveillance too and we'll discover that no one was safe from the mall not even the people that helped bankroll their million dollar business interests we felt he would be all normal to an offer to diminish his prison sentence in return for his cooperation never got that far because the mob was thinking the same thing this has been an audio boom and world meteorites coproduction hosted by me fleet cooper it is produced by audio booms been hasley rachel jacobs and tina vazquez for world media rights we had editing help from david markowitz with additional production from world media rights my gerald binga david mcnab is the series creative director and the executive producers for audio boom are brendan reagan and stewart last thanks to indochino for sponsoring this episode follow mafia on spotify or subscribe on apple podcasts stitcher or wherever you find your favorite show.

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