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Get sacked inside the ten yard line by debut fun to catch up with Damian Lewis for Panthers. Great defensive lineman, these keeping in touch with what's going on the Panthers all the time and dealer who saw this at the turn, right? Six into year golfer, sixty two at the clubhouse they turn around. And here we are seven losses in a row. I know it's not one thing. But what are your takeaways? What are the key things that need to be addressed this off season? I just feel like we probably gonna have to have a little bit of a youth movement of defensive line. I think you know, we gotta do a better job of plan defense down the stretch. You know when you get to that back into season. It's all about what you're doing on the defense side of the ball and in doing in the run game. I feel like I run game. Was there McCaffrey also? But just for whatever reason we just really came up short a lot of different side of the ball secondary to right? I mean, it seems like the coroner's you got James bradberry and Dante Jackson couple young corners. You can build around but safety nickel looks like they could use some improvements there. Yeah, they could. And I feel like a lot of it starts with upfront. Man. We had thirty three. We have thirty three sacks. At this point. Right now is putting us away twenty fifth in the league. And I know as a pair the fan is apparently player just not a custom to sing and things like that. And you know, so I feel like everything with this defense is going to start with those playing much better than we did this year and the question none of us can answer right now is Cam Newton was he's going to look like next year will be one hundred percent. We'll be an off season that requires some additional work to his shoulder. So obviously you've been a quarterback in what to do behind him at that position. Will be interesting to see what they do. Yeah. We'll be. I think you know, we may watch them draft a guy there. Looking at least push for that storm position somewhere down the roll button. And that's just the situation firing suffering. But I have no doubt that our fuel care will be able to bounce back from his comeback one hundred percent healthy at Pittsburgh game. A lot of things turned in that game. And I feel like that injury would shoulder really got up in a game. And just my opinion. I feel like his mechanics is throwing everything kinda took a turn after they played football game. And finally since we're in New Orleans that gap feels pretty big between the saints in the rest of the division. Right now. Every year is different. We see surprises every year. But they have really figured it out. The last two years haven't they they just been playing at a high level and has happened on the defense side of the ball. We know they've always been good on offense. But what they've done. They bought back. Curtis. Jackson for the offense would receiving core. And he's tighten it up. And drew Brees is numbers have been fabulous. From that point on the drafting Alvin Kamara just bought a whole different dynamic to that office with defensively. Cameron Jordan in the guys they've done a great job going out and getting past guy. It can get personal quarterback. They.

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