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Diana what exactly it owns relieve that inter said so i think i'm glad okay so here's another story eight um meghan marco and the vanity fair cover which was the only reason i know i watch interview with drunkards chopra were she was calling out vanity fair for only asking meghan marco about her boyfriend and blah blah blah creanga was not getting the point that the only reason mega marco is on the cover vanity fair is because she'd dates prince harry because they want it it's she wants to think they're bigger than that i know but we you and i and then probably a lot of other people no megan marco as the suits actress is not worthy of the cover vanity fair no because not many people watch suits and usa i've got the whole season yeah taped yeah i'm too lazy to watch it yeah no i wanna fastforward forward i watch it verein priyanka was this brief my friend is this great for a you know philanderer is all these suffered she was just kind of missing the point this is like an orchestrated rolla and what vanity fair did was that the makeup artists that worked ah megan markel that day was a lady by the name of mary green will and who is that us was she's one of three now he is great i wanna know i wanna know tell me he is one of the fashion world's favourite makeup ladies and she worked for princess diana famously did diana's make up for the vanity fair memory and should the song i care in the maryoto zana those last vogel she's worked wishes to make up for naomi campbell christy turlington cindy crawford and green well posted the images of michigan's vanity fair shoot on instagram and then vanity fair let us know that mary chemo also did princess diana so i i don't think that's anything crown big that is at all because they know like duchess k dow she's always creeping up on diana undoing those images you know what are you nice why are you down on dutch has a crime duty well like when she came out of the.

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