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America, give them a spin sometime this summer house, a great time at Elkhart lake road, America. Thank you for having us here at the auto show. We're here till nine o'clock. We're right by the mini Coopers. I hopped into one of these mini Coopers and. And. Well, I could have taken the driver's seat out and just sat in the back seat. I would've still reach the pedals. I don't know where the golf clubs GoToMeeting Cooper. He's got the countryman down there that seems to have a little bit more room. There was a mini Cooper here. That is a four door mini Cooper. And on the luggage rack, there's like a little kids. Go kart sort of thing. And I don't know your your three year old could probably ride it around that little go cart thing is actually bigger than the mini Cooper, which I find interesting. So we're on the first floor. Come find us for the corner of wells street. We are inside. They did let us inside tonight. A little chilly last night during the program outside four one four seven nine nine one six twenty if you'd like to join us on the program tonight. So the bucks taking on the Lakers. I I feel like we're an hour and a half into the show, and we have not yet talked about Janas the bucks taking on LeBron and the Lakers. But but that is the truth. This is what we're doing tonight. The bucks had been in Los Angeles for a full day. They had in Los Angeles taking a short flight down from Sacramento Ashton could you load up the TMZ clip. So there's a lot of people wondering oh Janas. It's just you know, what his contract is up. He's just going to get a bolt from one of the coasts. He's going to go to New York. He's going to go to Los Angeles. It's what people do at some point in their career. Well to me that's a little video today. TMZ video, and if this doesn't serve as exhibit A for why Janas isn't staying or would stand walkie. I think it is. It is. A clip of a TMZ reporter asking us all sorts of questions in the point. I think is to just trying to get a bunch of click bait going get youngest to say something that could be construed. As is a headline news making option. What after loaded up? We'll play it for you. After the news, and they were a little bit tight on time. But it'll be about fifty seconds of of why Janas is going to stay in Milwaukee. Or at least not go to Los Angeles and play for the Lakers. We certainly don't want that to happen. We want to have a nice fruitful career here with the Milwaukee Bucks. We'll have that coming up for you just admitted here. WTMJ news time now seven thirty. Let's grab rusty Mellberg end the WTMJ breaking news room. Thank you, Greg. It will be three years in federal prison for a man who tried to mail threats to the Harry and ROS Samson family Jewish community center in whitefish. Bay lasts me thirty six year old Chadwick grubs sent them while he was an inmate at winnebago county jail which included symbols associated with white supremacist ideology, Pakistan has handed over an Indian pilot captured after his plane was shot down by the Pakistani military this week amid a dramatic confrontation between the two nuclear-armed rivals over the disputed Kashmir region. Pakistani officials brought the pilot identified as wing commander other Nardin VAR. On to the border crossing with India at walk and handed him back to India today. Charges have been filed against Missouri daycare center workers after surveillance video showed a three year old girl being thrown against a cabinet seat. Lewis county prosecutors filed felony charge child abuse charges against the woman accused of throwing the girl at brighter daycare and preschool the child sustained a head gash prosecutors charged the second worker for a separate incident that involved grabbing a four year old girl. The center says the women have been.

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