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Subaru dot com buckle up and drive safe kcbs news time it's six twenty eight let's feast on a little traffic info from john rivers let's start with an appetizer of a whole lot of green out there on the roadways i'm looking at the general map of the bay area and for the most part i'm seeing green the only slow spots that i'm seeing still remain because of two earlier accidents that they're apparently having trouble finding a tow truck for one of them the accident that is one northbound past university two right lanes affected still about a two mile slowdown as you approach that but even that you're still averaging about thirty miles an hour through there so don't get too frustrated the accident six eighty southbound before sonoko boulevard continuing to block that far left lane now we have a word of an accident northbound eight eighty this one's before whipple but this one is a solo vehicle it smacked into the right hand side and that's where all the activity is off on the shoulder and traffic light enough as you head on through there that you're not gonna find a problem there's a lot of roadwork out there though this morning that could affect you the bay bridge westbound treasure island san francisco some work going on in the right lane that's until about nine this morning until eight on three eighty the eastbound connector northbound one one not available to you meanwhile in that same area they're doing some roadwork on the one on southbound connector to three eighty it's only partially closed you're going to be able to get through there were narrowly seeing much of a delay taking a look at the north bay to sunday it's going to be nice weather folks are going to be headed to wine country and at this hour you're finding absolutely no delays down on the peninsula along the half moon bay area if you're headed out to the coast there's no delays on highway one at this point but there could be as the day goes on half moon bay triathlon underway until noon that will affect highway one moss beach syllabi tos and highway seventeen if you're headed for santa cruz or from santa cruz into.

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