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Aggressive depending on your personality. So i ended up. I know some guys from the sopranos. I do a little acting work myself. So i reached out to some of the guys from the sopranos i reached out to tony darrow from goodfellas and i reached out to a couple of people and they were very supportive. They loved the idea. And i reached out to curtis. I mean here's a guy that has thirteen fifteen rescue cats. You know he does. Well i own well. That's wonderful absolutely. It's a wonderful thing. And i said no. I met curtis at the council committee. I met nancy his wife. I and i met them. Three years ago at the council committee and i had spoke to the council committee about the animal welfare system in new york and how far behind we are compared to like austin texas. That has no kill shelters state of the art facilities. And we're not nowhere near there yet. They are operating on a budget. Less than what we operate on. They managed to be no kill. Oh well right. So that's how. I met curtis and i brought him on board along. You know joe. Gannon can play. Veto spat afford the sopranos and saying gremaldi. And all these other guys guard supportive of it. So i'm blessed that they are supportive of it so you know it's been it's still a work in progress denies it takes time to build. But we're doing a pretty good job and if anyone wanted to show support that accompany you can check out. Ruthless poise dot com. Okay z could check out our website purchase if they decide to all of the proceeds. Go back to the animal rescue of their choice. Yes which is great people like the app choices right so we have a list of different rescues from all over the country actually one in egypt. Wow oh that's great. that's great. that is really wonderful. I have a kind of a question that i wanna ask you. Do you ever get involved with this. Has been an issue. That i found and i'm just wondering i know i know there's certain places like in italy where they've actually outlawed fireworks because they're so distraught disrupting and you know the dogs get so distressed. People don't realize it so during the summer it's just been terrible for you. Know my little one. She gets so distraught when they ironworks any. Have you guys gotten. I obviously the u.'s. The nice thing is really important. But i know there are laws that are passed on time or you. Do you know anything about that. Like are any places passing laws about that because it's distressful it's actually distressful. Kids do sometimes but dogs and cats generally speaking they have a heightened sensitivity to Noise we hear they here at like fifty times more flu like explosions going off them. As opposed to us which is still could be a nuisance to people. He l. horse. I know from what i've seen there isn't really any laws in place that will say we're gonna specifically banned fireworks because dogs and cats are shared or anything anything related to animals whenever anything is related to animals back seat. Yes yes in comparison to humans. You know people thought they do it. They're going to ban it because it could be detrimental to the elderly could be detrimental to children and grandchildren and we're going to have it..

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