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Disseminating information with actionable intelligence. Make no mistake, American reindeer, great American again. This is the Buck Sexton show. Analysts remember the NYPD sex now. i will be completely honest i will disclose my my personal stake in this fight because i have student loans to and i think it's so funny a year ago i was waiting tables in a restaurant and it was literally easier for me to become the youngest woman in american history elected to congress than it is to pay off my student loan debt so that should tell you everything about the state of this of this of of our economy and the state of quality of life for working people She really is an airhead. Jeez. And she's not the dumbest woman in congress. That could very easily be maisy Hirono or Maxine Waters. There's a few that are certainly up there. but she's close she's close she's a talented rabble rouser and talking points machine that's she does have ability i'm not saying that she has a story and presentation a personal presentation that the left is almost obsessed with but she is not an intellectual my friends and when she says things like it is easier when okaz yo cortez is easier to become a member of congress in the pay off my student loans that's like me saying you know it is it is easier for me to walk down the street than it is for me to walk down another street like what this is what does that even mean you say these things have nothing to do with each other they have nothing to do with each other how how could you assess the you know it was harder for me to go to the gym this morning than it was for me to apply to college twenty years ago i mean what does this is stupidity this just doesn't but it just it sounds when she's saying she thinks that it sounds good you know she talked about because she's the youngest history congress thing offer student loan debt now she makes one hundred and basically one hundred seventy thousand i forget what the exact number is remember congress which is very nice salary for somebody who has a lot more money than i did that's for sure and yet i made the decision not to take on student loans because i didn't want to have to pay them all i didn't wanna have to deal with student loan debt now some people only have to deal with that at the college level some at the graduate school level other people at the college level but you know there there has to be skin in the game here for people there has to be a personal interest in good decision making and you see this this is one of the the underlying and foundational falsehoods of contemporary liberal thinking and the liberal approach the leftists in government they're always trying to tell you that if they take choice and responsibility away from you you will be safe from all the bad things so if they make the decisions for you know bad things will happen that is the promise that is the that is the fundamental falsehood of the leftists in america of the progressive and an increasingly let you say what is the socialists in this country these people are socialists they can't get us to socialism tomorrow but they want to get us to socialism in five ten who knows how many years that's the end goal line up with socialist degen would look like they're for all of it then this is a great idea they're all about it but if we have people that are being told you get to go to college and somebody else will pay for it then what incentive is there for anybody to not go to college right and then you start to say well hold on a second one also do we do for the people who currently didn't take out loans which two thirds of two thirds of people don't go to undergraduate finish undergraduate programs in this country do they get some kind of check in the mail are they supposed to subsidize the educations of people that wanted to take out loans i told you i looked at this choice i looked at loans and loans and loans for as far as the i could see or a job i took a job i had this in front of me now if someone had said oh book run up two hundred thousand dollars a debt and we'll newsradio eight ten and one zero three one w. g. y. it's twelve minutes after nine o'clock we're standing by to go to fox news for some news concerning robert muller this is fox news alerts democratic house judiciary chair jerry nadler and house intelligence committee chair adam schiff tonight and announcing special counsel robert muller has agreed to testify before both committees under subpoena muller will testify in open session on july seventeenth in a statement the chair say they want to hear directly from the special counsel about what his team examined uncovered and determined about russia's attack on our democracy the trump campaign's use of that helped and about possible obstruction by the president or his associates into his investigation again special counsel robert muller will testify in open session before the house intelligence and judiciary committee's under subpoena on july seventeenth for more information stay with his fox news radio station or go to fox news dot com i'm rich denison and this is a fox news About Sexton on NewsRadio eight ten and one zero three one. W. G Y. That I became close with. And I was in college most PHD programs are kinda crap. most p._h._d.'s in humanities are just an excuse to hyper specialize in that area of humanity so that you can teach it at university whether or not that many humanities university bristol they don't open because people get tenure they never want to leave and it's not that high in demand this is this is not this is not rocket science this is not rocket science rocket science pays reasonably well engineering math stem stuff pays reasonably well it's not going to be a millionaire there's no clear path the world has become so much more competitive and that's another part of this that we're just starting rapper minds around the fact that you're not competing anymore with just people who live in your area for certain jobs especially when you get into more competitive markets markets that are jobs that have a true global marketplace for them anything you're doing people say oh learn to code okay yeah learn learn to code that's easy of course if you say that to journalists you get kicked off twitter he'll learn to code that'll that'll solve all the problems do the people who say that realize that you're going to be competing against coders from beijing mumbai tokyo rio de janeiro you name it did the people that say that realize that this work can be nothing not even really outsource it can be done by people all over the world and the digital working information based work is more competitive than it has ever been because there's more open to people than it has ever been around the world and that has pressure on this and you know there's there's a lot of changes going on right now you know we we have we look back at what's going on with student loans and college and the american the american hydro cases system is very in the span of human history this is a blip on the screen you know this is very very short we don't even have much of a track record to speak of your changed dramatically it used to be all male and now it's co ed and they've changed a lot of it What makes anyone think that we have the system that we're supposed to have right now? Anyway. If you asked me just realistically is. four years of undergraduate necessarily i'd say should be to high school in the you do two years beyond that and i think you should do a gap year and you might say buckle who are you to come up with this i'm just telling you what i think where did this for years come from why does anything that that's the way to look at european countries they have different systems in european countries which the liberals are obsessed with they track people and put them into different paths so that only some people are going to go try to get an advanced degree they're not encouraging everybody to try to be you know a basket weaving major with a p._h._d. in Other kinds of weaving, pottery or something. I know I kind of I kind of lost it there for a second. sometimes when you reach for that moment of clever and you just fall flat just as i'm fond of saying in pulled team buck knows this sometimes you're already you bellyflop in the shallow end of the pool with a really nasty sunburn that just happens whenever i say that you think about the time you did that when you were a kid and you go how you remember you remember that was no fun i've got more on on the all student loan debt oh i didn't get into this whole second part of the one is is that you don't it's not about choice anymore and responsibility now the choice is obvious because you have no responsibility somebody else will pay for this for you that's that's the live set this up but then it's okay How far does it go? When does it stop? What's enough? is it the best schools is all schools got more on this loan because the loan store you don't care that much about it's over trillion dollars so it's a lot of money folks this is this big money not a little money is a big money if you dig into this more you see this is really the heart of the whole pitch for twenty twenty for the lives for the democrats we're just going to give you free stuff that other people are going to pay for you're not gonna pay for it somebody else will well then when somebody else looks around and says well who's who's the somebody else aren't either somebody else yeah you are that's what that's where the real problem is all the the the the route lie of the bernie sanders ism that has overtaken democratic party is that there's tons of money out there for everybody have everything they won only the rich fat cats who won't notice it being gone we'll pay that's a lie that's a lie we have more on that lie though a moment this stories that.

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