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The maple valley area south out one six one six nine excuse me at cedar group road we have a crash partially blocked in the right lane causing some minor delays through there also just reminder both 405 ramps at their road are closed until four thirty tomorrow morning to to some road construction and both directions of 405 though wide open for renton the bellevue your next traffic report 1144 i'm curtis qiao who with komo news steve pool with the forecast though everybody well here's what you can expect throughout the night here we've got two overnight low temperatures some around the forty degree mark highs tomorrow should be hovering right around fifty degrees or so it's pretty similar to what we've been through so scattered showers for much of your friday they'll taper off even more so going on into the weekend so we are gonna get a little bit of a respite and that's tough to do in november remember that of course we know that in the komo weather center i'm steve pool right now forty six degrees major expand of the city's controversial up zoning initiative i would dramatically changed 20seattle neighborhoods skulls met markevic explain at the corner of 5th at 15th avidly northeast university christian church sold its parking lot at below market value so the city could build how kgb we can only three that would rent for seven to eleven two hundred dollars a month depending on a family's income even less if they are homeless and example of why we create an fair with the funds that will come in through mandatory housing affordability mandatory affordable housing requires developers to provide rigorous cricket housing in new developments or pay into a fun for the city to construct affordable housing in a place of the city's choosing but now.

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