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You don't agree. Maybe a burger to share between tier before I really fell in was going to say if you ever one of our favorite things to do. The New Delhi in Spain. And if there's a place that has great top us but we almost always go there for the menu. Is this place called big? It's around the corner from here And I guess we're making suggestion of things that feel. Kinda like they're great but they'll do their own different thing and with Vega they have. I think the whole thing is that all their food is. Eko like organic is what we call the states homemade. And then there's like another thing. I think a lot of it's very gluten. Free friendly very easy to go there and free if that's a thing for you to but they have just a great sense of flavor and making various if you stick to the Spanish dishes. The very Spanish inspired or Spanish dishes. You'll be good. I always warn people against trying too much at a place. That's not an international place. The international dishes not that it'll ever be bad it will just be Spanish sensibilities and you might be a little disappointed in my not. Curry won't be spicy example. He's never spicy. I struggled coming from. Uk We love our currys currys on national dish. Now trying to get a really packs a punch and even so to say. Can you please make it really? Spicy comes out in the snow spicy and I think the most important thing that you're coming to Spain you WANNA try things go for Spanish food. Whether it's gluten free vegetarian or not any of those. If you go for Spanish food they just have such an interesting simple sense of flavoring and seasoning food and the way they cook and prepare foods. That's where you'll get the best experience not to recommend because Tortilla Tortilla Spanish Tortilla is obviously such a traditional thing. And there's quite a number of places that are making a Vegan wants now 'cause they normally it's made with like potato and egg and onion and one place that we love makes an amazing a Vegan. One is called the street and it's love peace and they make the Tortilla on Saturdays. 'cause it's so labor intensive so they make a few different kinds on Saturday and it's so delicious and we've taken people there Vegan or not. Everyone loves it. It's just so delicious. It's really tiny spot but you can also get the Tortilla to take away and stuff like that and so we love that and they also have like a sister restaurant around the corner called Latino Carlotta and that's like more a little bit upscale not super like a little more trendy they call it like a gastro bar and they have like some great fun do and different things like this definitely. Love that place to I just want to add the places. Recommending these are places that impress everyone beginner not and even though we have some other favorites and stuff like there there might be a place that like for example bittered essays a like a classic place that people like to go to but it's like all the junk comfort food that Spanish but made the again so it's good. It's really good but it might. If you don't already have that I've experienced this when I wasn't thinking you might not appreciate. The food is much of the first things that we recommended. These are places we take all our non Vegan friends who come to visit friends that come to visit whatever and all of it. They all have all of these places. I commend B Thirteen B. Thirteen one of one of the first Vegan. It's inconvenient dive bar. Spanish food all the traditional Spanish. Like through dickey Leslie cheap. It's so popular that there's a line out the door before they even open and when it opens it's already full because the line has just so you gotta get there. It's so popular. It's so cheap. Though so good I I would recommend that to people that are interested in junk food because it's not healthy whatsoever. It's like it's like a fried chicken patty or like Burger like potassium. Dr Is there like all those kind of like more bar food things. So like yeah. I think I think it's always important as we've learned recommending food to people over the years that it's really important to realize what people are into because like. I hear people go there and be like Oh. It was so greasy and Friday. I'm like well that's what it is so you know otherwise. Go somewhere else. You know what I mean so like. I said I guess the disclaimer is. It depends on what you're into one more recommendation. I'll stop because that was way more than five. We actually was. Okay well we. We did write a whole book on Viga Madrid so obviously we have so much to say one more. I would have to say that the being seen in Madrid is so diverse. That's why it's like. We're struggling to recommend all these different things because there's so many great things here like there's two Vegan donut places here one of them's called Delitzsch and one of them's called bite me. And they're both great. So here's a few more of your comment about why you listen to the one in Spain. Podcasts and Where you listen and your favorite episodes on these are our listeners. Who left comments on the winning Spain? Instagram Account Maasai. One says because I want to study Spanish language in university so I should know all the things about this coach and this country. I haven't listened to all of the episodes yet but they are fantastic. I don't feel the time passing while listening to really glad to hear Mosey one. I didn't know what your real name is is it. Most I think Christine Samantha. Says listen because after being there for a month for school a few years back. I miss it. I usually listen. Driving but since being quarantined listened while. I do some online work or just hanging out at home my favorite episodes are when you go out and around Madrid and make. It seem like we are walking around inherent all the sounds of the city. Nothing specific I can think of just love hearing more about Spain. My Pleasure Christine Gabriel Alley and also a winning Spain. Patron thank you to you. Arleen She says I listen while working or cleaning because he transport me to places so dear to me. I love to hear an episode in Salamanca. When it's safe to travel of course thank you yes. I'm absolutely no actually. Salamanca is really must see city in Spain. I've never been to Salamanca. Power has one of the most spectacular platform yours of all of Spain not to Madrid about two three hours drive. I guess but I've never been in. It's also the home of Madrid. Oldest University is a very student. He City I've had great things about Salamanca. Let's hope that at some point in the not-too-distant future. I'll be out to get up and bring you an episode from Salamanca. Randy retired Randy Randy. Who's also a when in Spain Patriots? I thank you to you randy. Randy's ever since Robin Leach Past I've been searching for someone else to give me champagne wishes and caviar dreams. I found that in poor and his Spanish lifestyles of the rich and famous. This made me laugh Randy Say Robin Leach was a journalist He passed away a few years ago but he was quite well known in the nineteen seventies and eighties and he had a TV show Called the lifestyles of the rich and famous From what I remember. And he Had this saying champagne wishes and caviar dreams while as I replied to Randy in the threat I said his two more champagne wishes and caviar dreams or maybe in my case. Kabir wishes carver wishes and Calamari dreams. Or maybe Charlie James either but yet thanks for your comment. Randy did make me chuckle. And thanks for supporting the GAS MATT AUSSIE SAYS. He listens in lockdown. While out on a walk just the right timing too. He says a new listener so now going back over earlier podcasts really enjoying a thank. You hoping to move out there in twenty twenty permanently looking to buy and so yes. I'm hoping to put an episode together soon with a property expert so Mac keep your ears peeled for that episode Miss Yvonne Lopez. I listened because Spain is my favorite place in the world. Your podcast is so awesome which I went for a five mile. Walk today and you're focused. I was my company. Had To rescehduling trip. We had in March to October. So I'm hoping things are better and we get to go. Yup Well Metoo. I really do hope that any of you have had to change your plans really make it to Spain. As soon as is possible. Lorraina FRITO says. Listen on my walks. I love learning about the country and coach and my dad was full blooded Spanish brackets and Lucienne so listening and learning really helps that connection. My soul fails to the coach. Well glad that is my job to try and connect you to the Spanish culture. Katie Peaches eighty-five Katie. Says I discovered your podcast around two years ago. Now I think I wanted to brush up on understanding. The Spanish coach as my partner is Spanish and has deep roots from Andalusia San Luca debate Amita to be precise I found your podcast. That perfect missing link for me to truly understand the INS and outs of Spain to pick up some fantastic phrases and here in inverted comments When asked US Mangas Berries Which is a bit like well. It's a bit late now You can. It was a bit a bit too late for that. Now or maybe well in Assam Catholic Way. Better late. The never There is a whole episode about these colloquial Spanish phrases. Check back. I take you to my Spanish class with my classmates and we talk about well. Naughty words colorful expressions as well as again. Check back for that if you like to learn colloquial Spanish. She's I love listening when I'm puttering around in the garden working commuting or relaxing on a summer day in the hot tub. You literally transport me to a sunny Spain no matter what our lovely UK weather system brings. Yeah I just love to hear the everyday life in the background to the hustle and bustle of the streets the AB well s nattering. Even the sound of the shutters is comforting. Thanks for bringing an informative and positive corner to the Tinto Web. Thanks to you Katie. Thank you for continuing to listen. I'm really glad that it helps transport you to Spain. Jacqueline Newman or just Lynn. Jessop Lynn. Newman I'm not sure. She says I listen because I'm in love with Spain. The coach of food people traditions architecture. It all inspires me and excites me. Next week. I was supposed to leave for a two month trip to Spain that I've been looking forward to so much after a very hard year listening to your podcast always made me feel excited for the trip and helped me learn more details about the coach. I listen on Apple. Podcast up while I get ready for work or while cooking my favorite episodes are out food. I've loved the episodes with a host of walk and eat Spain. Well they go. You just heard Margaret from walking each Spain again. She's on my level the excitement for food and you guys seem to have fun together yet. We do Manga listening to this way to do more food related episodes with you in the future. Let's definitely do that. And yes jacqueline. Sorry to hear about your council trip. Let's hope that too soon as things get back to normal. You can make.

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