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Up in this race in the caesars and it it's funny the no talks about an attempt to savage like we haven't had enough of that But i watched the replay a couple of times that the key to the disqualification of dynamite recoun- struck royal prince on the nose with his crop. And i know in new york. That's an automatic. Qualification doesn't matter any any element of it is just automatically du so dynamite gets put tickets taken down and Lynn was bit. That's that's Kita storm chasing that horse for a while where he won and i missed him and then he got taken down. But i think that's a universal. Here you get the you get caught you sometimes. Sometimes you don't see it until it's too late and watch replays into go. We missed one back there and you try and catch and you can you. Can you see it by the reaction. The horse they got hit a look at. And then you go back and and catch it thing that you know one thing that they've done of course with indiana they're going up into the steward's booth and and you're instantly plugged into the stuarts feet and stewards take enough enough grief watch the replay and the stewards are watching and and maybe you know they. They were on the phone They were on the following actually with account and delacruz but what was notable was all the sudden they zoom in the zoom in up the stretch. And it's like they watched it twice the head on and then they zoomed in close and they right away you can see where raquel caught while prints with his crop a couple of times and And frankly royal princes credit. He the perseveres But you you do see him. Actually he gets hit any any kind of doesn't jump out a half path but he he does kind of move away ipe sort of his shoulder. You know you sort of these. Sort of shifts is his shoulder after he gets caught on the nose In the last state to circle city very obama's got the camera. two seconds. the pull up the moen's wins the circle city. This the other two year old group and michael lower with Clary thoroughbreds and penny lower than they actually lowers bread This mo- haven cope was january to two year old so moen's with sammy bermudas at Three two two. So that was your indiana action and finally at canterbury I got a mention because we think so highly of him. It was nice to see The win by larry donlan and the first gabriel's legend a three year old maiden breaker on the turf These were minnesota breads That this is one that larry owns and we had a wonderful visit with him. Last year in the northern lights debutante. She's my warrior sympathy. Course with peter madsen they bread together as well. A warriors reward philly with q. Alonzo kenya's you had The princess elaine the distaff turf championship rush hour traffic with a. That's a. that's a bit of a santa. there you go right right. Yep turns the head across traffic philly rush hour traffic with wednesday's wire-to-wire and pays twelve sixty beats ready to run away. gary sure and and yesterday we were we were trying to get the some getaway wins for For gary At the end of the season cinco star too good for them at Seventy cents on the dollar the players the minnesota turf championship the six year old Such a nice horse and cinco stark With carino for mac. And john mets love. The nest wins the northern lights. Futurity three five. The blame cole. Peter madsen bread but Owned by pablo back. Burt trains spray. Huckleberry aboard and drop of golden sun won sprint championship. the the crow crock minnesota sprint championship. Also eichel berry nights at to tony rengstorff For one that he owns was a winchester place. Thoroughbreds nico bay gelding now. Sex and then you had that short field in the sprint championship. Where click bait Just just better And runs away from the north. So mac robertson for one that His dad owns with jon. Benson at jeff larson and finally you had those two Should mention those too. Because i asked jeff today about it. I'm sure somebody you bet How about the the to quarterhorse the futurity relentless courage this for jason stead and That also won the derby with just rocket man and A very nice day. They they had to they night. They had A two million dollar two million dollar handle day at canterbury yesterday. And i didn't actually i didn't really look at the Notice the let's see. I'll tell you the and two point two point three almost. Yeah two point. Three plus at at indiana. So everybody wrapped up and of course duckie downs. We know the hammer just suggesting that. Very happy with With the way the numbers have gone. here halfway through the meat and actually hammers also got the numbers. He he just got a phone call but he's got he's got the day three contest winners or i say winters but Certainly leaders and by the way three but really turned it off there. We go for back. I said it's actually three of the six day one of contests number two. And i'll find that in just a second after i get off. We'll do a quick. unfunded commercial for rt n. Which is just fantastic if you don't have it Watch the races on on tv. But like it's like steve brought the race up. I got my laptop here you go watch any replay any race run and It takes two seconds. it's I wish i would have found this fifteen years ago. It took me I just had it for about a year. And it's it's the greatest thing greatest thing going but i'm going to brick get the contest winters back up here and It's the second here. We go so leaderboard Race tan on day. One which would be yesterday. I've got frederic reynolds in front with thirty one. Seventy eight chris goodrich in second twenty six hundred david rank in third twenty four forty. One mark. Strife 1891 nick knows knows no say eighteen fifty two joe mckay joe joe spokane sitting there and six place with seventeen forty nine. Brian sullivan.

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