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Shortly after takeoff right in the bay that's right the city of san juan and the amazing thing is they've never found his body even though it was not that far out at sea or anything that's one of the mysteries of this there was also a pirate catcher by the name of manny's sane who is on the same team with roberto clementi and he was to have accompanied committee on that trip but he couldn't find his car keys he was he he was in san juan and got to the airport late because he took like ten minutes that you couldn't find his car keys in his house or apartment wherever he was staying in san juan and miss the flight he just missed the plate he got there just as it took off and he's still living by the way he that he's a as a concession stand the ballpark in pittsburgh where where we're from and just amazing because he forgot his car keys it was an act of mercy he saved his life because he would have been on that plane with with clementi charles i'm at this point where i think i have enough information now to to go with this story so stand by folks here we go we're getting reports and we have been over the last thirty seven minutes that art bell has died.

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