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A tampa bay buccaneers and they've added to that long list of offensive weapons with antonio brown who officially practice with them. He's living with. Tom brady and he will play sunday against the saints. Where are your expectations for brown. And how they will use it. Nobody has more office of weapons The mobility patrick. Mahomes is online one. The defending super bowl champions probably mean in the nfc ed's the rich. Just get richer because four tonio brown you go from being out of the game and being ostracized in a lot of ways to almost be. Jr smith with dion waiters for the lakers. With a chance to get a ring. That's how things can change in sports. He's not gonna be called upon to be their number one guy that's evans. They're still gonna thought to gronk in the red zone but when guy when in and out of the lineup dealing with injuries antonio brown has the talent to step up but they shouldn't to me be sold always in particular doing the regular season so focused on like always hearing it out with a forty. Plus year old quarterback i'll be contain every now and then with my defense to play ball control and turnaround the handed off to linder for net. That's the one thing they gotta make sure to add in this other weapon doesn't force them to do and that's get away from playing complementary football. I mean they have so many weapons they've got for net. Is you mentioned in jones. And they've got godwin. Who's coming back in. Evans and break in howard in crock. Who's starting he's got. Three straight games touchdown. They are really set up to succeed. I predict that they will win against the saints in that big gain because we all remember what happened in week one but tom brady feels just one now under center for the bucks. Then he was in week one. Now we're talking about some.

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