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Of it. And what worries me. Ben In the modern world is that. Our time for solitude. As evaporated as we become busier and busier and his our. smartphones hip field in all the spare moments in our life. But I also worry that we've become uncomfortable with solitude. And that when we're alone with our thoughts. that it doesn't, it makes us feel. uncomfortable. We don't know what you do with that and we can very quickly pick up our phone. Look at the news or or read something on social media and feel the comfort and certain t at comes from those things, and not having to confront our own thoughts, but comfort with being alone developing and protecting time for solitude, these are essential in everyone's life ride, and in the same sense how? How much of this problem can be attributed to the fact that we are constantly distracted by texts. Our instagram feeds work emails. Wimmer, supposedly spending quality time with our kids are having dinner with a spouse or a friend is the lack of presence in our interactions factor in why so many people feel unheard, unnoticed unimportant alone will Ben. You're hitting on me. It's really important which is I, do think. That the way in which we're using technology these days having a dilute effect on our relationships. So if I'm talking to a good friend and the phone. But I'm also refreshing my social media feed checking my inbox and Google question that popped into my head while I'm checking the score in the game that's on the TV in the background and occasionally looking at the news. This is a very distracted conversation. I'm having. But it's actually not unusual for people to be doing that and I have done this to not proud to say it, but I have done this, too. Because we convince ourselves, we can multitask. Science is very clear that we cannot what we do when we think we're multitasking. We actually rapidly task switch, which means when we're paying attention to our inbox or not actually fully listening to the person..

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