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He's not a subway Perv. But a guy who might work in the subway or he may want people to think he does police in Brooklyn are looking for a creep who's been driving up to young girls, and exposing himself it happened twice Monday and Thursday, October eighth and the eleventh both times around four thirty pm. The suspect was in different vehicles gray minivan, the first time, and then a dark SUV the second time cops say he was wearing an MTA had in the first incident and what? Look like an MTA uniform shirt in the second. The MTA says they're working with the police on the investigation. Police have released a sketch which you can't ski SE at ten ten wins dot com. And they're urging anyone with info to call the crime stoppers hotline. New York members of congress from both sides of the aisle are coming together to keep the nine eleven victim compensation fund alive congresswoman, Carolyn Maloney. A democrat says the fund is set to expire in twenty twenty and could be out of money before that for their sake. And and the dangers of Phil become for people. We cannot allow the fun to run out of money. It would be devastating to those who rely on it each and every day and as each day passes without permanent reauthorization and full funding. These suffering grows, and that's unacceptable and Republican Peter King of Long Island says it's not just New Yorkers pushing for the Bill funding to support from Colorado. Senator Cory Gardner people. Don't realize is we have people from forty nine hundred fifty states came to volunteer to work after nine eleven obviously most of them, if the author jersey Connecticut, but also many came from all over the country to work give their time and effort, and they also subjects. No word on when that measure will come to a vote got a good name for an eagle you've sold. The Brooklyn public library wants to hear from you that Burrows historical society has given the central branch at copper eagle sculpture that used to be on the headquarters of the Brooklyn daily eagle by Burien Tiba guy. Clements spoke with ten ten wins and said the public will vote for the winning name. We're looking for names that are kind of you know, historical or Gruden Brooklyn. I think that's important for us and just anything. That's that's interested in interesting in New York City base. The sculpture was made in eighteen ninety two and moved to the historical society nineteen fifty five when the newspaper building was demolished to make room for Cadman plaza. It's been on loan to the library since nineteen Ninety-seven, but is now a permanent part of its collection. Wins. News time four thirty seven. When do you want a spot that burglar when he's casing your home? Or after he's in as John who's blink camera. Alerted him a burglars trying to break in while he and his family were home or Shannon. Who's blink camera? Caught a thief stealing packages both times blink videoclips were sent to police to help convict the crooks. Blink motion activated indoor and outdoor cameras are wire free set up in minutes and run on double A batteries that.

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