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On today's episode let's start bitcoin i'm your wit stephanie murphy hello andrey's at novelist hey everyone and jonathan moyo in pa how how how happy holidays everybody well as a pretty good year so far let's see what 2018 brings and in this time of year with the price of bitcoin skyrocketing and more and more people coming in and looking at this thing the we've been interested in for bunch years now the question that's been coming up a lot is how you actually use bitcoin in this type of environment where there's so much demand for the block shane there's so much demand for making transactions and many people who are just kind of getting interested now are having their first experiences with bitcoin through centralized exchanges like coin base as a new user of bitcoin how should people be using bitcoin right now well that's an interesting question adam because why was noticing several merchants were deactivating their payment option for taking bitcoin as a payment legacy bitcoin i mean as a payment we like steam the gaming platform a couple of others and even dick pay which is the secondlargest or that one of the two largest payment processors for bitcoin announced that they were going to be listen payments and other cryptocurrencies besides legacy bitcoin like they're starting with bitcoin cash and they've already supporting it in their software copay which is a multi sick wallet so i thought that was very interesting i've seen people complaining about bitcoin fees for a very long time probably about the last year or so that was when i noticed it starting to affect me like when i was sending pickering transactions i was starting to notice the fees creeping up in it getting a little bit more obviously to be a problem but now i mean it's just getting worse and worse people are mad and they're taking that out by jumping ship to other cryptocurrencies besides legacy bitcoin some people are just saying all right well then i won't spend it all just hold it and other people are like what's going on i am so confused so i dunno i mean there's multiple strategies to exist in any kind of environment you know like we see different species evolved to take advantage of different environment.

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