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New york in how he got killed travel risky somebody out when airplane i believe and for the safe was that was the high school team but three guys by professional awful alad brown went to grade bay packers like mortgage went to i'm not sure we're buying well maybe with pittsburgh and currently doing this quarterback he was all american high school for back and he went on spiky started it dallas and then moved around so that's so unfortunately we have to go to a break here well becoming right back after this welcome back to the program and by the way jimmy's called from faraday louisiana that will be available on our podcast soon as the show ends and we'll have it for you backwards to make it more palatable to understand we've got a busy show my trains juicy was with us earlier the former big us commissioners now the chief adviser for basketball to the sec told us how the sec was able to reverse recent trends and get eight teams in the ncwa tournaments and other great guesses well let's get to the phones and check in now with antoine in michigan antoine gerrad ahead how you doing paul phone call thank you okay two points on wanted to make a question though i was you know listen to your callers and stuff like that and i was thinking you know you know is is funny how people you know somewhat he's one gun players and everything how coach cow and all this criticize sometimes what coast cal get these kids ready to play basketball and it was it was interesting to me how he says how you undisciplined off to court you undersupply on on the court so you know he gets kids ready for the nba because you gotta look at it like this some of these kids come from poverty homes you know that they're they're broke sure you know and they don't have no money and it was interesting i was watching thirty thirty is at thomas and and and bob knight was talking about this last time we see is thomas indian uniform because i their road home at home he wrote on illinois of check and he got home and he went home to a co house with.

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