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I wish this film was a little bit sleazy or regained just reflection in some glasses of faceless, Nick, cage, smoking cigarettes, just have fun with pus dripping and have them walking around with no face. I wish we got more of that. Yeah. I wanted Frank from hellraiser here. I wanted to see the face. I wanted to see him doing the eyedrops because he has. I Liz I do like the sound design that he you could tell he's trying to talk like he doesn't have lips. In fact, I actually started mimicking. I started seeing is he doing it. Right. Prompt? Would know there. How do I shown it turned out a little bit like, Sean Connery? But I think that more of this would be better when we see the reflection looks like somebody just smeared grape jam on his face if something. Yeah. I was definitely thinking hellraiser beat them to the punch by ten years. And I I thought that I could give the movie the premise. But now, I mean, this is just really bad that this is the way that it all happened, and you could take half a day, and right this so that it would work with more plausibility unless you don't want plausibility. And so I must only accept us as camp we're trying to make it bad. I'm just saying that if the action is good and enthralling and often then I'm going to go with the film that stupid a lot better than I'm going to. If it's also dull, okay? So. So filmmakers everywhere, if your movie isn't working just raised the money for some action scenes and arty will like it and half of America. Have you seen the box office deters for transformers? But you don't like those. Here's what I'm trying to meet this movie yet, I'm trying to find why someone would enjoy this film. I know it's not made for me. That's why I never even saw it. And so what is it that people like the mimicry, right? It's the parody once they get going here of cage is going to spoof, Travolta, and Travolta is going to learn how to get a little uncared. Yes. That and there's something there when Travolta who's now castor Troy goes to Travolta's house. And they're at papa's got a brand new band helped me understand that. That is entertaining for you. That moment is something he wants to see. Yes. Because we're getting to see a fish out of water you talking about what he's going to molest his daughter. Yeah. What the hell is this? Because that is the moment where I'm like. Ooh. Okay. Cut this scene. It's a little creepy. But it also provides the things I thought Stuart would want tension. We don't want to see this girl molested, but they got really even talking about that. They don't even go there with that the sexual assault becomes with the wife. That's who gets raped, but not the daughter. The daughter is going to get a knife. Which is just heavy heavy foreshadowing for her eventually sticking him with it. I thought she would get the kill actually that was one of the times. I was surprised by this film. One of the things I thought was interesting. They don't really go there. They maybe pay a little bit of lip service. But watching Travolta as castor Troy have to get used to the suburban life looks through his wife's diary, and she sees how board she is an awful date night. And so it's got a sweet like, oh, I'm going to have this candle dinner at there are moments where I could see. Oh, yeah. If you wanted to make this a good body. Swap movie that you can have some interesting moments about. Serial killer getting used to suburbia. They don't really go there though, just looking at Joan Allen, they said up something here that I thought was going to like, oh, well, you just told me how she's going to figure it out. I don't think it ever even comes up Travolta before he goes away for the procedure to go undercover. In the prison Travolta is holding his chest and going oh my God the anniversary remember this scar..

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