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How i built the summit will take place on a tober sixteenth at san francisco's yearbook buena center for the arts you can go to npr dot org slash summit to find out more and get your tickets james clapper joins us in studio director clapper welcome to one a vanish joshua for having me i don't think it's any surprise that you've been quite outspoken about president trump's attitude and tweets criticizing sometimes attacking the intelligence community this morning the president tweeted about you in response to comments you made yesterday on the view on abc you said and i'm paraphrasing that the president should be happy in a sense that the fbi was monitoring you kind of colloquial use the word spying on the russians interactions with the trump campaign president trump tweeted this morning quote trump should be happy that the fbi was spying on his campaign no james clapper i am not happy spying on a campaign would be illegal and a scandal to boot unquote what's your response to that well i think the prisons deliberately distorted the facts here because there was no spying on the campaign with the the interest was in what the russians were doing to attempt to infiltrate gain leverage influence whatever with a campaign so that's what gave rise to the comment that with the pi is attempting to do is protect our political system against meddling in incursions by another nation notably an adversary nation russia i feel like a lot of what we have to discuss in our conversation has to do with explaining what the intelligence community actually is and does and doesn't do a lot of what has come up with the president and with other things we'll be discussing has had to do with making sure the american people know what the intelligence community is about and that we think through for ourselves what we.

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