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I'm Sharon and I'm Melinda. Today we are psyched to be interviewing Adriana Gober. Who is the director of programming? Aka Movie Mistress for the Horror Streaming Service midnight movie society, which showcases extreme, underground, taboo creature, features and cult movies, and we cannot wait to hear more about it. She's also a contributing author for the website. CINNA PUNKS DOT COM, a self-described quote community of writers, thinkers, artists and Weirdos. I'll lending their talents to create a unique voice in the cultural conversation unquote. Adriana programs films at a local Art House. Cinema is a podcast go women podcasters, a musician, an avid reader with a passion for social issues, and my God does she do anything else and of course she's a huge horror Fan Adriana. Thank you so much for taking time out of your clearly very busy schedule to talk with us today. Thank you for having me. We're thrilled to have you here first things first. Let's talk about midnight. Movie Society I did a little homework to for our chat and understand that I'm going to go with M.. S. is the short version for a midnight movie society if that's okay. Now. That's perfectly fine. Awesome I understand that S is a collaboration between MVP, Entertainment Group and the Horror magazine remorse. Can you tell us a little bit about the inception of midnight movie society, and how you came to be involved? Sure so initially you know what got MVP thinking about? Starting their own streaming service for her? was that a lot of? Their wearables had films another content up on the water streaming platforms like Amazon and Google, play and over and over again they were seeing that content removed due to You know very strict content restrictions that these platforms had so other started to think you know. These these films deserve to be seen. So how can we create a space for them and not have to worry about? Retaliation for content and so. They decided to launch their streaming service and they reach out to remortgage. just because you say a pretty well known and well respected. Horror Publication and You know they just wanted. To team team up. Fanta then you know. The way I came into. It was I had been programming films for a couple of years and I. Just knew some of the folks that MVP. From seeing them at at various. Events and they knew I was Har fanatic. And that I was knowledgeable about endre and I followed closely so. They invited me to serve as the curator and acquisitions. Person for midnight, movie, society, and so far. It's been a lot of fun and. A really great opportunity. That's awesome. You kind of actually answered. One of my follow up questions but I'm curious. How do you get around any sort of streaming, restrictions or anything like that? For the movies that you guys want to show midnight movie society is powered by the meal Ot. And they they do have certain restrictions so for the most part. It's kind of just up to our discretion. You know what we want to put on our platform, so there's not as much oversight as there would be on. Say Amazon Gotcha assuming the people signing up for the service. No, they're kind of getting into so. Yes and we understand that a midnight movies. Society is more of a niche streaming service. and we're really catering to. Specific kinds of horror genre fans. And so you know we make it very clear that the website although there are, there's more mainstream things. movies, society as well, but it definitely caters to fans of more extreme horror. Films in particular Gore and splatter films, actually speaking along those lines. Can you tell us what your curation processes like four minute movie society until very recently. I was a little bit of women it in and the. Kinds of films that I could. Add to the website just because we were sticking to films that were already part of the MVP, Film Library so the acquisitions part. A as an aspect of the role that I have only just started to really dip my feet into because I now now that the the the site has existed for almost a year now. It's time to start looking for some fresh content and start looking outside of. What was already within the MVP Film Library? Until recently I kind of I I was picking from a limited pool of films, and now I'm kind of starting to branch out more. I'm looking for I follow a lot of power blogs in new sites in I'm in a lot of group, so I try to look out for a lot of indie films are are smaller features that show, innovation, creativity, or just something I find cool that I think. Could benefit from being on our site and I'm also trying to get some more Female directed in LGBT focused films on the site. As well. We do have some, but again I was kind of women in what I could choose from so now. I'm. I'm really trying to. Broaden our horizons a bit in. Do you make it a point to watch all the movies that you add to the collection or are there some that you? Just you read about, and you're like okay. I think we should add this without actually having to watch it, or what is your process without I? Try to watch as much as I. Can because I kind of want to note I'm putting up there and and a lot of the stuff. I was already familiar with when I accepted the role just from. Being Extremely interested in the on our since I was a kid. It's something that I've always followed so I've seen a lot of movies, but yeah I. Generally if I don't watch the entire film, I'll at least try to. Scan through it to get an idea of. The kind of movie it is not only to to know what content I'm promoting, but also just just so I can market it. You know and you have to be able to talk about the film, so I wanNA. Know what I'm talking about. Absolutely. Yeah, no, that definitely makes sense is there. Are there any type of movies that you would refuse to put on? Like anything that you think would push boundaries to modular crosses any sort of blinds. Trying to think here. I, don't know that's kind of tricky. Because a lot of these movies trade in extreme violence in some cases. Violence I think maybe I would draw the line at something that you know. We're not live lake so early. Snuff films are things of that nature. Would not have a place on our website but but generally speaking we're. We're pretty We're pretty open. Shifting gears. Just, slightly I noticed online. You were featured in a video from. Is it art quest Bethlehem? God. Well. Were you listening to your top ten favorite movies of the to the twenty tens, and personally I was thrilled to see that the handmaiden was your number. Two Pick I adore that movie I, I like I love Shannon. I can never see his name Hark Sean Wouk thank you. She said. I love him anyway, but I actually watched handmaiden with a group of friends like a year ago. I because we were excited to see it and I. We were all just blown away yet again by him is it's so beautiful and I love that movie. And revisiting a film whose plot revolves around a lesbian love story yet is directed by a well known horror film director. You know I I'm curious to know what your experience has been as a queer woman in horror spaces, both as a fan, a writer, and now as curator for a mess..

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