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Is it because the unemployment benefits are just too long and too high? 1 802 8311.5 Here's fast traffic. Looks like things are getting worse before they get better on 1 95 On the westbound side. This delay goes back from 1, 38 and wall and goes west up to route 5 49 and how That's a crash without flipped of our car. At least one lane has blocked this reporter sponsored by Panera at Panera. Dinner is hot and ready to serve, Bring home Pinera's cheesy flatbread, pizzas, toasty sandwiches or creamy Mac and cheese would deliver your pickup availability and pricing may vary. Couple of crashes on the parkway. We've had this one north and union hearings at 1 48 blocking one lane. That was another one south of the parkway. But 1 49, they did clear a truck accident on the term bike on the eggs of rampant a day, There's still another one on the shoulder of the ramp exiting off at 11 in Woodbridge. 88 liquid should improve it. Clover Street with a crash now cleared Tom River's New Jersey traffic North. Jill Myron, New Jersey Traffic South and Franklin Bridge. Traffic is crawling across the span, leaving New Jersey Of course, we have one lane that's still down for repairs. South to 95 is also a quite the backed up scene from Warwick Road Exit 30 down through to exit 2642. 42 South bound takes it slow from 1 30 down the creek Road and the parkway South. A little busy at the Cape. Make Tolls to Seattle City. Exit 17 with the ongoing roadwork New Jersey Fast traffic every 15 minutes. Next report. 3 48 toe on New Jersey one a 1.5. New Jersey one A 1.5 in skin weather are climatological. Normal. High temperature for the 12th of May is about 72 degrees. And finally, after a long stretch of cooler than normal.

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