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Paying rent daycare, even food gas. Everything will affect many officers here, especially TSO's by all federal employees. And what a mess that is as we talked to this week that you know, folks are going to get there. They're going to get back pay. I didn't know this until we talked about it a couple of weeks ago that clause that says the federal government isn't entitled to pay. They don't have to. They're not mandated to pay that back pay. But you go ahead and be that politician says we're not going to pay it back pay just make that happen. We'll see there's a lot of rhetoric coming out of Washington. We'll see how long this thing goes on. And and how long it looks like it can go on forever. Once again, the people in Washington are completely out of touch. Absolutely. I it's not getting any better. I mean, we have politicians now dropping the efforts on other politicians. We in front of her children mind you. Oh nice. Yeah. I miss that. Yes. Oh, that's a beautiful story. And I was reading yesterday, and I was like we can get into it because I really want to get to this other story, but just were at that sort of you ever seen the movie miracle. Have you seen a movie miracle, Kurt Russell? Oh. You have to see it. There's a scene in there. It's called the against CNN. If you've seen it, you know, what I'm talking about. It's pretty pretty much where we are with America. We just have no Kurt Russell to guide us through that both on the right and the left, and we'll get some more that Joel bring you up to speed on that story as well. Okay. Are you tired at work? Jody guitar at work. Yes. Yes. I think a lot of us. I do a lot of overtime. All I got. I got a thirteen and a half hours of overtime one week. Oh, good for you. The paychecks. Nice. But you pay for it. Yeah. Yeah. I am tired. I get it. Well, you're not alone gel. Apparently, a significant majority of US employees are tired on the job costing their companies billions of dollars each year CBS's, Hillary lane takes a look whoever feel tired at work. I do most worker say they're worn out and drained, I'm.

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