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Mobile station opened so fancy get their their box playoff gear so it's a lot of fun hopefully you know the the snow stays away and whatever we get here the next day or so can meltdown by them but it'll be good time regardless hopefully the snow stays away never say during playoff runs yeah it's gonna be nice on freddie sunny with a high of forty eight so hopefully whatever we get will melt by then and it'll be pleasant out on the plaza which is really become a playoff tradition with milwaukee bucks outside the be mo harris bradley center in this their final year in that building i remember spending a lot of nice warm playoff after noons out there before games getting psyched up yeah it really is a fun time it is kind of part of that whole playoff atmosphere so even if they don't have tickets to the game you know the fun place to come down and be a part of the excitement in the atmosphere around it we will be giving out tickets both friday and saturday and sunday at those that probably for that day game so you know encourage people to come down and have even if they don't have tickets yet to maybe win it and get inside i don't have the jersey that i need the pro shop is going to be open this week yes the pro shop is open ten to four monday through friday during the the extent of the playoff run so lots of great playoffs playoffs merchandise here that here merchandise and then also you know any of those those jerseys rather gear that maybe didn't pick up during the regular season just suggest next year adding a line of light up green bucks shoes we'll we'll write that down great idea she's an idea person telling you peter fagin loved him when he some when he was here in the building the other day he was all in on it just you know talking about it i gave him the link he has he has shared that excellent excellent then again season tickets can be purchased for next year too so you can get a good spot in the new building right across the way right.

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