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They would not say they would not say whether they were not. They just said they support Robin Leonard. Which was sort of interesting, so I concluded from that. I don't think the players were given that That same promise that some of the other players or they would have said So I agree with you. That's a good point. That's a good point. I know Mark Stone was asked about it, he said. He didn't really get specific, he said. I support any player on this team at the same point letters in a different situation with mental illness with clearly not everyone in the NHL is under that. Here's my problem. Just because you have mental illness doesn't mean you. Put everyone else at risk at the same time. I understand where he's coming from, and I'm sympathetic to it. But these air players, they're making a lot of money he's been vaccinated. He's not putting people at risk. Well, I understand that he's vaccine. I understand that he's vaccinated. I also saw my but I still wear my mask and I'm still careful because I certainly don't want to get the virus again. I understand it's very difficult for somebody to get the virus If they're vaccinated. Think it's somewhere around 95 96%. I totally get it again. Kids. Yes, you can. You can. You can get it again. 100%. You can get it again. Is it rare? Yes, A nine and a 10 Times. It's not going to happen. You can get again. I've heard if you do get it again, depending on which vaccine you got. If you do get again, it's not gonna be a serious as the first time you got it. Listen, Getting the vaccine is a good thing. I hear what you're saying. I wish everybody would just get the darn vaccine. I think would be in a much better spot. Everybody gets the vaccine. I would feel very comfortable in saying all right, let's do without the mask and let's let's live life to the fullest, But we know that not everyone's doing that, and that's where my concern is. Right now. I get it. I get the point. Yeah, I just I just wish people would get the vaccine. But I wish Robin Leonard the best I would love to talk to him about this. I don't know if he's going to continue to talk about it with people, but certainly certainly I hope he does. And a good on a good. What do you got going There? Was that you playing a video game? No. That's my wife's phone before we let you go. Hey, Ron, you got to be excited about this D aviators. They're gonna be in action soon in. May we get to go to the ballpark. Absolutely I was I was looking forward to going to that you end of the year is on the stake. I was to just go watch baseball out there and feel with just just go there. Okay, So it may Yes, I am looking forward to that baseball. It's ballpark there and fun and Summerlin. And it gets closer to normal would be a nice thing. Certainly, question and Oh, you wanna mention something real quick? Sure, we put together a channel eight. A Raiders draft special. It's on Saturday night. It's going there Saturday night at 6 30 on Channel eight. So cool. Check it out. Previewing with Chris Matthews, John treats with Kevin Martin myself put together all sorts of stuff about who our predictions are who the Raiders are going to pick and And different feature stories and that sort of stuff. I love it. You guys do a great job over there A channel eight run and, you know, I always appreciate it when you take the time to come on our show. I hope you have a great weekend. You and your family wish you the best. And I can't wait to see over there at the Ballpark in Summerlin, Las Vegas Ballpark, Ron. Thank you so much for your time as always. Alright. Thank you, Brian. Appreciate it. That is the thank you. That is the man. The myth the legend. I love that guy. I love Ron Futural. He's great at what he does. He's also a great great guy and very knowledgeable. I could talk with that guy stories, the stories, the Vegas stories he has the boxing fights. He's been, too. I mean, he was at the fight the night for Tupac was killed. He was there. It's craziness. The stories that he has the Vegas stories are awesome. Rocky trails the best check him out on Channel eight. By the way, Speaking of summertime getting hot, it's that time of year again. Certainly there's nothing hot about me taking my shirt off at the pool. You certainly don't want to see that because I look like Casper the friendly ghost. It's not something that you ever really want to look at. But with that being said It is getting hot..

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